Natural Or Epidural This Is Not A Poll

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lindsay - May 3

to angelbebe- i just wanted to clarify... i pretty much agree w/ you, i just think v____al birth is natural birth , medicated or not... then there are c-sections... that's all. but like 'been there' says... it doesn't matter how a baby gets here, it's amazing no matter what! i've heard so many wonderful and horror stories about all types of deliveries... i guess you take what your dealt, answer your question... i was induced at 8 in the morn but was already 4 cm dialated when i got to the hospital, so i could have gotten one as soon as i got there if i wanted... but it was around noon , i think , when i started getting uncomfortable that i asked for it b/c i was afraid the anesthesiologist would be busy and i'd have to wait if things got really ugly, lol... yep, i was a big weenie... i never even really had "bad" contractions by my own definition... but i could feel EVERYTHING when pushing and crowning... YIKES!! (this is all coming from the woman who thinks she's going unmedicated this time,LOL) but i really am going to try !!! it's just a big combination all the horrible side effects i had from the epi, and the fact i feel more mature, if that makes sense, that i understand my body and the process so much more now , and i really would like to experience everything like women from the beginning of time have... am i completely crazy?? i'd probably be going in knowing i was getting the epi if it didn't mess me up so bad last time though... i don't know =) watch i'll be begging for one,lol! but on a serious note, i really do want to go unmedicated this time and wanted to tell all of you no matter what you choose (or maybe don't choose) good luck and i know we will all have a memorable experience , to say the least!!!


Tess - May 3

Im undecided right depends if I can handle the pain or not. I'll find out this Friday for sure. :P


angelbebe - May 4

Hey, what if we call it "organic birth"-v____al & no drugs? : ) No matter what, baby and mama need to be safe and happy. Period. This is all very easy for me to talk about. I'll let you know how I do after the birth! Ha!


Been There - May 4

Tess, you'll have to let us know what happens. I know you must be so anxious right now. Best wishes!



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