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<Amy> (UK) - October 13

Hi, things are done a little differently in the UK so just wondered how things were progressing for you? What's your due dates and has your baby engaged at all? I'm due 25th oct, 38 weeks (having a boy) and from my appt today he is engaged 3/5.


Kate - October 13

Hi Amy! I'm a fair bit behind you, I'm just coming up to 33 weeks, due on 4th Dec, found out last week that the baby is head down, but not engaged yet, although the midwife said she didn't think it'd be long before it was engaged! I bet you've reached the point where you just want it over with now haven't you?!?!


<Amy> (UK) - October 13

Lol yes! It's the worst when you reach 37 weeks and your 'term' so you know the baby will be ok, but what is even worse now is my midwife says he's ready he's just waiting to come. I'm like aarghh then hurry up! lol


Lesley - October 13

Hi, I'm from UK. I have 10 days to go till my due date, expecting a boy too :-) Babys head is also 3/5. I was in hospital getting monitored yesterday due to no movement, and thankfully everything is OK. Kate - is this your first baby? With your 1st the head usualy engages about 35 weeks. Mine was engaged by then but I still went 14 days over.


susie - October 15

hi amy. im susie from northern ireland. im 36weeks pregnant. im due on the 9th november so another 3weeks n 4days left. im having a little boy aswell. really and i mean really uncomfortable getting to the point i wish i was induced gettin bored of it all now i just wish i was able to walk the length of myself without being so painful and tight it fells as tho he ready to fall out lol but midwife told me he isnt engaged yet!!


jude - October 16

hi,i'm due on the 24th its my fifth child,the baby isnt engaged and i'm feeling like she's never going to come out..normally have my baby's by 37 2 of each so its not like its my first girl or midwife has recommended evening primrose oil taken orally but nothing is sat here typing this with flu and chast infection !!!! its 4.15 in the morning and i feel like i cant lie down(blocked nose and all)when i sit up and start coughing i pee no dignity left at all!!


Kate - October 17

Lesley, yeah, this is my first baby, and I'm very prepared to go over by a couple of weeks (it seems as though practically everyone does with their first!)!!


Justine - October 20

Hi Amy - My due date was 8 Nov - I engaged at the start of week 35 and gave birth on Tuesday. Horrendous labour - was induced - won't worry you all with the details. She's lovely and 5 pounds 5 ounces. Have been in hospital since Sat and am desperate to get out. I don't know when they'll let me escape!! It's a bit like a prison camp here and they wake you up every 3 hours to b___stfeed. Had 3 days without sleep in labour so I really don't need that. Sophie is lovely - absolutely perfect. Good luck to everyone else.


to justine - October 20

congratulations on the birth of your wonderful baby girl,why was you induced so early??if you dont mind me asking??


Kate - October 21

Justine, congratulations on your baby girl! I hope you manage to "escape" soon!!



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