Quot Anyone Ever Had A Undetected Pregnancy Quot College Project

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honeybea - July 17

ellie- How long have you been off the depo?- How long were you on it? I was on it for 7 yrs. It took me 12m after coming off to get my first normal period. 2mo. later we started trying and 4m later I was pregnant. It was hard to believe b/c several times i had swore I was pregnant and wasn't. Have you missed your period ?


ellie - July 18

Hi honeybea, i was only on the depo for one injection which as u know lasts three months, that three months coverage is litterally just up and i decided i wouldnt have the injection again as i was getting the side effects of feeling pregnant, my womb has felt enlarged, another stated possible side effect of the depo. only thing that worries me is these little movements im feeling, they r exactly what i felt with my first baby early in that pregnancy. im sure i cant be but Rebeka B's posting above is a little worrying. not had a period yet obviously, the depo stopped my periods dead from the second day after having the injection on the first day of my period 3 months ago.


Brooke28 - August 11

I am so glad I am not the only on out there!! Everyone thinks I am crazy!! I have not had a period in 4 months, and I have always been like clockwork. I am at least 19 weeks pregnant. I am even feeling fetal movement, a lot!!! Yet, I have had 5 negative urine tests and 2 negative blood tests. I was even given meds to make me start my period. But I KNOW I am pregnant!!! I go back to the doctor tomorrow in hopes that they will finally do an ultrasound. I know I am pregnant!!


meddicho - August 12

I've known two women who went through this. The first had just had a baby and had unprotected s_x 4 weeks later & got pregnant but didn't know it. She was heavy to begin with, still carrying the extra weight from the 1st pregnancy, didn't expect to get any periods for a while since she was b___stfeeding. Fast forward 9 months and she started having sharp abdominal pains and thought it was an appendicitis attack. Her dad drove her to the ER where the ER doc told her she was actually in labor. She ended up delivering a healthy baby girl right there in the ER examining room, 10 months younger than her son. The second woman found out she was pregnant at 20 weeks. She'd been taking the pill and had irregular spotting, so she thought something was having GYN problems. She saw the OB/GYN at least twice, and the GYN adjusted her pill prescription but NEVER did a pregnancy test or even suggested the possibility. She decided to do her own ept pregnancy test before going to Mexico for some drinking during Cinco de Mayo and lo and behold it was POSITIVE! So on her very first OB visit with this pregnancy she had an ultrasound and found out it was a boy. He was just born 2 days ago, 2 weeks early. So we figure she was only pregnant for 18 weeks, LOL!


wildfire795 - November 13

my first pregnancy went undetected for 5.5 months....1st pee test showed that i was just barely pregnant....was sent that day for blood work and that came back negative....during that time i was also having servere migraines and had finally been hospitalized for severe migraines, because all pregnancey tests were coming back neg. (i was perscribed many different medications which were strong medications) i was constantly on different meds for these migraines because the migraines were causing me to throw up....all this time they were sending me for pee and blood test all of which were coming back negative....finally for my migraines they got me in for an emergency cat scan in feb. also i had been sent for an ultrasound because something just wasnt right....these all came back clear and ok....bout a month later i was sent for another ultrasound and that came back clear and nothing to report....now all this started around nov. they were still doing the pee and blood tests and all were coming back negative from the period of nov to mar. in april i finally got ticked off and demanded from my doctor another ultrasound because something was really really wrong.....i was throwing so bad now im wetting myself while im throwing up.....i thought to myself there is something definately there, growing and i was thinking really bad things like this could be a tumor and its putting pressure on both my bladder and my stomache...(and at that time this was my first pregnancy, didnt know it, so i didnt even expect that i was because all tests and 2 hospitalizations were coming back negative and all clear). so i demanded another ultrasound....i went for this ultrasound and all of a sudden the technician (the same technician that had done my 2 previous ultrasounds (one being external ultrasound and the second ultrasound was external and internal)) she found a baby....the baby was rolling into a position i normally sleep in....they were able to tell me that she was a girl and that i was due in the end of july....then the next ultrasound showed the beginning of july then the third ultrasound said i was due in the middle of september.....i had her aug. 30th and her skin was cracked and bleeding and they said she was approx 2-4 weeks overdue...which would have put my due date back to the end of july.....all i can suggest to mothers who think they r pregnant and all tests r coming back neg. to keep bugging ur doctors.....u have had ur body probably longer then they have been doctors and u know ur body.....its a hard fight and the doctors will look at u like u have 3 heads but its definately worth it in the end....my daughter is now going to be 13 in august and thankfully there are no health problems of any kind and she is one of the 3 best things that has ever happened in my life!!!!!!!!


fairychick - November 28

hi... im a bit confused and need some advice! basically... normally my periods are very heavy and last at least 5 days, and i have a regular 28day cycle, infact so regular i could predict my periods to the day. but i had a very light period on 21st aug 1 week later than it should have been, which i didnt think anything about just one of those things. then i didnt have another period until the 11th october! i was certain i was pregnant as my period was weeks late but all urine tests and even a test at the doctors showed negative. i have been feeling sick, unusually tired, bloated and my b___sts are very sore... in sept i had my first ever sick day due to feeling so weak and overtired i physically couldnt get out of bed! my period in oct was very light and barely lasted 2 days but i a__sumed i wasnt pregnant due to negative tests. continued feeling sick and tired. when my period didnt arrive at the start of nov i thought maybe i WAS pregnant so did a few more tests... all neg. 3 days ago i started bleeding which again was very light and lasted about 1 1/2 days. i have noticed in the last few months i have had an increased appet_te. my b___sts have gone up a cup size and i have steadily been putting on weight. i have noticed my stomach which is normally flat seems have started to stick out a bit and feels harder when i touch it and seems bloated all the time. i noticed the other day i have some new stretch marks on my b___sts and on my hips. my normal trousers are tightening and are now uncomfortable to wear as they feel tight across my stomach. the other day i felt this weird fluttery movement in my stomach, like b___terflies but really low down it felt really weird. i feel like i am going mad! is it possible that i could actually be pregnant? i know it sounds odd but i feel pregnant like a kind of gut feeling. i am so confused and dont know what to think.


lilmissnosey - February 17

Hi, i think i am pregnant, but i have had negative HPT's. I didn't have a period in november or december last year. i believe it is possible that i got pregnant at the end of october. i have had a period in January which was very light and mucusy and it only lasted 3 days, the same thing happened this month, i would be roughly nearing 18 weeks. which based on four week months, is around 41/2 months. i am not showing, although my stomach feels more solid than normal, i get awful back pain and some times nausea, my b___sts seem bigger and i have gained weight. I feel frustrated almost as if i don't know my own body.


never happend b4 - February 6

ok I had two children and and had positive results right away!! But then i started two feel pregnant so i started buying pregnancy tests over and over i thoght i was loosing my mind. so i went to a plave for free tests and sure enough i was pregnant. didnt have insureance. thought i was only about a month but couldnt explain why i felt pregnant for so long. i went to the emergency room because i am supposed to have two shots one while im pregnant and one after anyways i went to the ER and discoverd i was 20 weeks already. now my question is why would this happen and i do believe i am going through this again. can this be possible i am felling movement in my stomach allthough it feels more in my back and its suttle but it is there.does anyone at all know anything about this sort of issue?


lov3 - February 23

i think am going through that now...i have a 3yr old son n i had 2 lost pregnancies after him n wit those it showed up right away...my periods are very normal but my last period was light lasted only 3days n then the next 2 were jus spoting i have back pains n occasional headaches n nausea i constantly have to pee especially at night and ive had some cramps since my period and i feel bloated but ive had 3 neg. pregnancy test and my doctor says they are very accurate but i dont know i planned to wait and see how my next period is but i have a doctors appointment on the 2 of march...i plan to have her test for any and everything but finding this site makes me feel less crazy


norfolkgirl88 - May 16

HI, I am 21yrs old I have 2 children, since having my daughter 2 yrs ago i had continuous bleeding which after several test my gp put down to being hormonal, i eventually came of the pill (marvelon) last october and to my surprise my periods fell into a regular 28/5 cycle. In january I was an idiot and had unprotected s_x, I have not had a period since, I have been to my gp who has done bloods and said everything is fine, I have done a dozen home pregnancy tests which are all negative, I have now started gaining wait for no apparent reason (only around my stomach area) I also feel occasional fluttering in the bottom of my stomach. I am too afraid to go back to my doctor because I feel like she thinks I'm mad, but it is bothering me, any suggestions or advice would be great


kate7715 - January 24

hi, i am 16 years old, studying in college, and i have gone into hospital with suspected appendisitus. but turned out that wasn't what it was. iv done 3 pregnancy tests now. all negative. but i sware i am pregnant. i can feel movement. im weeing all the time, tired 24/7, being sick. but the doctors refuse to believe me, as i have the contraceptive implant. which has reasently been proven to fail more often than they think, you would have thought with the storys in the news they would want to double check. but i feel pregnant, not that i know what being pregnant feels like, but i just know. but with the negative tests they wont believe me and remove my implant. which can harm the baby. i just wish SOMEONE would believe me. :/


miss-t-fied - January 31

I had forgotten about this post, so here is my update...... turned out I was not pregnant but having some kind of adverse reaction to switching to de-cafe coffee! There was me thinking I was being good by having decafe, and actually it was doing me no favours at all! I did fall pregnant shortly after switching back to normal coffee, I just reduced the amount I drank! I now have a 20 month old daughter :¬) kate7715 - can you not pay for a private blood test? or even scan if you are that sure? I have read about concealed pregnancies and a former colleague fell pregnant with an implant, didnt know and had a miscarrage :¬( If you can feel movement then you would have to be into your second trimester, at least 16/17 weeks by which time morning sickness has normally gone? If you request the implant is removed I would have thought the dr would have to? after all its your body!


jitz - January 5

I am really confused, I am a mother of 3. I know how it feels to be pregnant. I had my tubal ligation 16 years ago after my last child was born. I went and had a tubal reversal and it was a success. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant keeping track of my ovulation, fertile days and period schedule. Doing everything on time and keeping track of everything, I missed my period. My last period was 11-24-11. I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. Nausea, heartburn, frequent urination, sore nipples and so on. I have taken multiple pee test's and all Negative, I have had a blood test and yet again it was negative. I still havent started my period and am very confused. Anyone able to relate?


lovebeinamum - February 2

jitz- i can definitely relate for the last 2weeks i have felt so many pregnancy symptoms i have 2 children already and i thought for sure i was pregnant ive done so many tests that are negative i started light bleeding on sunday 29th 2 days before af was due an it lasted 3 days an was only there when i wiped, my af usually lasts 7 days and very heavy im still having negative pregnancy tests tho but im feelin so tired and sick i really feel pregnant but dont know what to do..


lovebeinamum - February 2

jitz- i can definitely relate for the last 2weeks i have felt so many pregnancy symptoms i have 2 children already and i thought for sure i was pregnant ive done so many tests that are negative i started light bleeding on sunday 29th 2 days before af was due an it lasted 3 days an was only there when i wiped, my af usually lasts 7 days and very heavy im still having negative pregnancy tests tho but im feelin so tired and sick i really feel pregnant but dont know what to do..


Inspirartion7 - March 9

About how long did it take to get your blood work back??..okay my hpt were negative before i event went to the doctors 5 months after s_x, but when i went, he did a pelvic exam told me everything was normal and took my blood but said that i wasn't pregnant less than an hour..is that possible? or was he going by the urine tests??



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