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m - February 20

I'm on "modified bed rest" for high blood pressure in week 31...up until my doctor detected the blood pressure problem, I was walking 3-5 miles/week--earlier in pregnancy I was still running, swimming, going to the gym, etc. Now I have to be sitting or lying down all day and it's making me feel like total c__p--stiff, heavy, sore--not to mention it's impossible to fall asleep at night. Does anyone have suggestions for safe, low-key physical activities I can do? How do you ever feel tired at night when you're on "bed rest" all day? Will I be risking my baby's health if I walk a mile every day?


JH - February 20

m --I've been on bedrest for 4 weeks now for placenta previa. It is frustrating. (only 8 weeks to go) I would be reluctant about walking without your dr. approval. Just think, it's not much longer in the grand scheme of things. Are you making yourself stay on a "normal" sleep schedule? Has your dr. put you on any meds for the blood pressure? Maybe they can give you one to make you sleepy. I guess we can both be glad we aren't stuck on lay down 20 hrs. a day bedrest. That really sounds bad. My biggest complaint is feeling like I've lost my ident_ty. Good Luck!


m - February 20

thanks for your reply. I completely understand about feeling a loss of ident_ty--I was working two jobs and constantly on the go. dr. didn't put me on medication--it's not that severe yet (BP is 140-145/80-90) so i guess that's why it's hard to believe I have to just sit here all day, but i want the baby to be healthy, so i'm trying to stick to it. it's hard to be alone in the house all day, but i'm trying to make the best of it and enjoy the rare time to relax.


JH - February 21

Hear is the most thoughtful thing I have been told while on bedrest, hopefully it will also be enough to keep you going. I was complaining about my loss of ident_ty. A friend told me that all of those roles in my life would come back and that none of them were necessarily premenant. But, from now on I am someones mother and that will never change. She told me that I will become so identified as his mother that I will loss my own name at times and just be "Chase's mom". After hearing that and wanting this child so desperately for 3 years, it was all I need to stay on my best behavior.


Monika - February 21

You will be risking your baby's health if you go against your doctor on this one. The higher the BP, the faster placenta deteriorates in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm 38 weeks now with BP of 140/95. Last week my doctor ordered me off work and at home resting. Just going to the store to do light grocery shopping makes my BP go up. I couldn't imagine a mile walk.


ashley - February 21

I've been on bedrest now for 27 days for preterm labor. I have an appointment Thursday and I hope they will let me off or at least modified. What week are you trying to get to or does your doctor say they will let you off?


m - February 21

They haven't said anything about letting me off rest at all--the doctor said it's possible that I could be on rest until I deliver, which hopefully wouldn't be until at least week 37...so that seems like a long time to me. It just doesn't seem healthy to sit around all the time for so long. but i guess i'll just have to trust the doctor on that one.


Girl Gilly - February 21

M, I am not on bedrest but I can totally sympathize with you. There are days that I absolutely hate coming into work but I know that it functions as a distraction and makes the time go faster. As much as I would love to be home on bedrest I think it is probably tougher on those of you that are. In terms of exercise I would be careful. I know what it is like to not be able to exercise when it has been such a part of your daily life. I don't have any suggestions for exercises, but maybe there are some websites with gentle exercises that you can do at home or depending on the cost of it you could contact a personal fitness trainer that is qualified in this area to come to your house and give you some safe exercises. I can't really rea__sure you with only 9 weeks left as I have only 5 weeks and am dying with impatience! Good luck to you and take care of youself and the baby!



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