Quot Blue Quot Day Or Depressed

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beardtl - January 4

Lately i have been very sad and blue- to the point where I call out of work or have left early- I cry for no reason and I am just down and don't feel like being bothered not even by dh- I have had "blue" days before, and it was just a day- this has been for about a wk. Is this normal or does anyone else go through this? I have talked to my dr in the past and yesterday at my appt- she changed my prenatal to include omega-3 fish oil to see if it helps but she's more concerned with after delivery and suffering from postpartum, but this is hindering me now- any advice???


Astra - January 5

Hi, I know that I've had ups and downs in the pregnancy but usually like you said just a "blue" day or morning. I think at this time hormones keep raging and it's normal to have anxiety and concerns as well as excitment as your due date comes close. I wonder do you have anything that's concerning you more than before, have there been any changes or do you feel like these sad feelings are random and not connected to anything. Do you have anyone you can talk to about your feelings other than your doctor? If you continue to feelthis way don't leave it continue to tell your doctor about it. Preganancy is a time of huge changes so emotional up and down seems normal but consistent sadness I don't think should be part of the package. Please let us know how you get on...


beardtl - January 6

All is well with the world again :)...i guess it was just a bad week. I think what may have led to it was arguing with dh which led to not speaking for almost two days and that left me very exhausted and lonely (no family where we live). Since we've made up things have been better...I guess he can only take soo much from me as well_ i had been nagging and complaining alot, but anyway the sun is back shining over here...thanks for your comment.


Astra - January 6

So glad you are feeling better!



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