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heartburn m - July 29

Just wanted to let you all know about a really neat show coming up on tv. My sister told me about and I plan on watching it. It shows 4D video of a baby girl developing in the womb. Should be pretty cool to watch. Here's a link to the website (take out any dashes): http://www.nationalgeographic.com/channel/inthewomb/preview.html


sera - July 29

thanks for the tip im really excited about seeing it.


baby.ksh49.com - July 29

I've already seen this -- COULD NOT WAIT !!!! to watch this baby grow inside mommy for 9 months BUT was very disappointed. More than 90% of the video is computer generated and you can tell. I thought it was all going to be actual 3d sonos and internal camera but it wasn't. It's still neat and even after having 3 pregnancies I still learned some stuff ... but I was disappointed.


soleil - July 29

Yea over here in Virginia its comming on this sunday, i think at either 8 or 9 pm eastern time. cant wait!!


heartburn m - July 30

are you sure most of it was computer generated? Oh well, at any rate, I am still looking forward to watching it. Just wanted to share with you all in case you're interested.


baby.ksh49.com - July 31

Oh -- it's totally worth watching. There's a lot of really neat stuff. But .... as you watch it you'll see what I mean. I think it's mostly the way the baby moves that gives it away. Sort of reminds me of that new commercial with the baby in the womb talkin to mom and tellin her to quit eating the hot spicy foods. LMAO that commercial is hysterical !!!!! But -- like I said -- well worth watching !!!!!


baby.ksh49.com - August 1

So ?? What did you guys think of the show? Learn anything new? Did you see what I meant about the computer generated stuff?


MJM - August 1

I have seen this show before. Very cool indeed. We all wonder what is going on in there and what our baby looks like and this is a great way to see. Awesome show. It is a must see!!! Some was computer generated but still very informative. I will be recording next time it comes on. I dont think the hubby would sit through it again!


heartburn m - August 1

My husband and I watched it. It was really cool. I didn't mind the computer made images at all. It was really a neat program. I was surprised when my husband shushed me a couple times! Wow, he was actually llstening. Today he said that show really made him think about what is going on inside my belly. As for me, I was kinda in awe at that lady giving birth standing up. For some reason it looked like the baby comes out easier that way. Anyone gonna try that? ;-)


baby.ksh49.com - August 1

my hubby had seen it before -- he watched it last night again but i didnt. That's funny about him shushing you


Desirae - August 8

When is the next time this show will be on????



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