This Is Crazy What Do You Think

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Ana - May 17

Have you ever heard of a women being pregnant and not knowing it?? I mean, come on. I keep haering about story of women not knowing they wern't pregnant, I mean, you feel movement and kick. There is also a huge belly in front of you. Have you ever heard of women having periods the whole time? If you have a story, Please share. I would love to hear it.


Ana - May 17

Sorry, douple post


Jennifer - May 18

I have heard of both! my sister knew that she was pregnant, but had a period for the first six months. I thought that she was faking her pregnancy until I went to the doctor with her. Her daughter was born shortley before her 7th month, and is almost 9 now. As far as the being pregnant and not knowing I am still unsure how that happened. I have a friend and her aunt was pregnant and did not know until almost 6 months, she claims to have just felt him kick one day and went to the doctor because she was uncertain as to what it was. She was over 40 has other children and is extremely over weight. I still think that she was lying to herself. I know that with my kids there was no getting past the throwing up, cravings, swollen feet, not to mention all the little kicks and rolls and the round swollen belly.


tara - May 18

I KNOW of 2 girls who got pregnant and didn't know it for 18-22 weeks. One was on the pill and the other was a compet_tive athlete who's period was so irregular that didn't think she was preggo 'till almost 5 months. But I have only HEARD of women getting thier period untill the 4th month but not all the way through...maybe some bleeding but not a regular period. I have also only HEARD of women not knowing they are pregnant 'til last minute mostly through this site. I also find it hard to belive that someone would not know for 9 months but I guess it depends on the situation - like this person who posted this said the woman was over 40 and thought she cold no longer get pregnant and was only gaining weight and the movements were just indigestions or something...anyway that's all I know.


S - May 18

I know a woman who had know idea she had her period and because she was already big she never showed. she workd the whole time too. anyway she went into labor and was in so much pain she went to the hospital and they sent her home and told her to go see her family doctor on monday. she got ther first thing monday. Still (naturally in horrible pain) and he was like your having a bady. she got to the hospital just in time. she didn't have a thing for the baby. and she didn't even want kids.o well she kept him anyway. and had a nother. she never had any morning sickness. I am at 30 weeks now and I never had morning sickness either so it possable. lol u should have seen the look on her face.


Billie - May 18

I just don't see how it's possible. Yes, I can understand that some women get their periods throughout pregnancy, and yes I can understand that some women don't show. But I cannot understand why these people (who didn't know that they were pregnant) would mistake kicks and punches from their baby as indigestion or gas!!!!! I mean... Come on!!!! My baby kicks me so frickin' hard sometimes and I don't see how anyone could mistake that for gas bubbles!!!!! ridiculous!!!!!



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