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November Mommies - October 13

Here's our new thread!!! We're getting closer and closer ... wishing us love and luck.


lilmum -11/24 - October 13

Hi ladies.. it's been so long since I've posted here but I have still been checking in once and a while. How are you all feeling? Getting excited? I know I am! With only six weeks to go I am getting impatient already! I finally had another ultrasound and found out we are having another boy! I couldn't be more thrilled. The urge to nest is becoming so overwhelming already and now that I know what I am having I want to buy everything blue in sight! AHHH! I have taken to asking my hubby's permission to buy things for the baby.. not because I have to but because he is much more realistic about these things and I need someone there to tell me NO once in a while. I can't wait, pretty soon we will start dropping like flies.. or POPPING rather.. hehe.. I put a site up with some belly pictures and a 3D ultrasound pic from 32 weeks (take out any dashes). You better start your homepages now ladies because I expect to see baby pictures when you have your babies :) LOL..


Miranda - October 13

Hi! Good to see a new thread has been started..the last one was so long! Well good luck to everyone and keep the faith Brooke! Pretty soon you'll have a new baby in your arms!!


kris A. - October 13

I am surprised at how not ready I am for baby when I am SO READY for this pregnancy to be over... I haven't packed my bag, haven't got the ba__sinet, and worse, my schedule with the other kids hasn't slowed down, and I dont know if it's denial or what, but I find myself agreeing to a training week at work starting on Nov 14 when baby is due the 20th... It's like life is slowing down at all to let baby Wren make her arrival... I guess it's a blessing to be busy because it takes my mind off my insomnia, leg cramps, pressure, and all that good stuff. Best wishes to everyone.


kris A. - October 13

oops - I mean life ISN'T slowing down at all - it's that insomnia fog I am in...


Tara - October 13

Hi ladies!!..Yes we are all getting closer i'm starting to get nervous,i'll be 37 weeks on Monday..only 3 more to go until my D-Day..I finally struggled and got all the babies stuff put away and the ba__sinet washed and back together..everything is done but my hospital bag.and i keep procrastinating saying i'm going to get it packed but i just have'nt had the time or well i've just been plain i'm still not nesting and wish i would before the baby comes...well ladies hope everyone is feeling well.


Tara - October 13

You all going to the Dr's tomorrow good luck and i'll pray all goes well.I've explained to my dad that i will make arrangements for him to come to the hospital after the baby is born..he just said ok and before we got off the phone he said take care of the i don't know it will be ok though.I'm getting nervous and wound up tighter then a fiddle string..LOL but i'm ready except that darn hospital bag..LOL


Miranda - October 13

Hello all! I AM SO NOT READY EITHER!! lol...its so unbelievable because i've been nesting like crazy..but in all the wrong places!! the baby's room is no where near ready but the kitchen cabinets and the garage are spotless lol. I was ready w/ my 1st baby about 6 weeks before i had her...but not this time. Like you Tara, i keep putting off the hospital bag. I'm sure when its time, me and my husband are going run around the room grabing underwear and bras. lol well my neighbor is a nurse and told me beware of the full moon..she said that when there is a full moon, for some reason, every pregnant lady in the world seems to go into labor. Well i'll keep my fingers crossed (even though i'm sooo not ready) Well its almost 10:00pm here and i'm about to get ready for another night of tossing and turning this belly all over my bed. Goodnight girls...Happy Baby Dreams!!


Miranda - October 13

Oh!! I just realized that my due date is exactly 4 weeks from today!! ;) yea!


Jodie - October 14

Hello everyone! I am due 11/22 but I am determined to go a little early. I am soo tired of peeing and not sleeping and working 40+ hours a week. I can't wait to just realax...and beable to breath. Has anyone else had tons of pressure lately? I feel like he's ready to just fall out. The doctor said he is engaging so it will be more uncomfortable down below.......UHGGG!!!!


Tara - October 14

Miranda i know what you mean about running around tossing stuff here and there we're going to be the same way.I've actually done some cleaning today but not by choice or wanting to it was the case i needed to so i forced myself to run the sweeper,mop,dust,do laundry,make the bed etc., and i so know what you mean about tossing the belly around the bed..LOL i get so mad at night i'll get up and go watch tv in the living room so i don't wake the hubby but i'll start tossing and turning then i get wrapped up in my night gown then my hubby will start snoring,plus the dog if i get up and try to get back into bed forget it she won't let me she is so protective of my husband,so sleep at this point i think is a lost cause..LOL..Jodie i know how you feel as well...i'm almost 37 weeks and my baby has dropped in the past few days..i thought for the longest time in the begining of my third trimester and the middle of it that i wanted to be induced but now i figure i'm just going to stick it out,i do have pressure down below but if i sit with my feet elevated and found that a pillow under the b___t helps to relieve some of the pressure down below but man am i thankful that i can breath and don't sound like someone who's just ran a marathon..even though the trips to the bathroom are more and more frequent it's worth it to be able to roll off the bed and not be huffin and puffin the whole time...LOL Well ladies my hubby should be home soon so i'm going to start dinner..i might as well cook too i've done everything else today why stop when i'm on a roll...LOL hope everyone is doing well...and hope all the ladies Dr's Appointments went well today...Brooke hope your feeling well.


Christy - October 14

Hello, all. I went to the doc yesterday and had an US. The baby ishead down already and measuring rather big- 6 lb. 12 oz. +/- 1 lb. They will recheck in three weeks and if he is still huge, they may induce me early. Otherwise, all is well. (BTW- once the baby is in the head down position, does he stay like that, or can he still turn around?) I wish I had more time to clean and organize at home. I guess I could do it at night, but I am usually too tired after work. At this point, I think it is about priorities. I better get the nursery together soon! I am sorry a lot of you have been having difficulty sleeping. I am still okay in that department. It takes me longer to fall asleep, but once I am out, I am out. Tomorrow and Sunday is my weekend warrior childbirth education cla__s. Hopefully, it is interesting. Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Have a good night!


Miranda - October 14

Hi Hi.. Tara, when i read your post i started laughing. Today i forced myself to get down to buisness too lol and i finally got the baby's room almost done. ;) i am super tired now but i feel so good, like something has been lifted off my shoulder. For some reason i kept cleaning and organizing everything but the most important room! crazy....i still have to buy the car seat and bottles and diapers/wipes and things like that though. Hopefully this weekend. Lucky for all of you who've had baby showers!! This being my 2nd baby, i didnt feel right having another shower. ( even though my last one was practically six years ago!) So I basically had to start all over w/ all the baby stuff since its been so long. I dont know why we waited so long to have another child, but for some reason we did and i'm happy that we did. I know that my daughter will be such a big help and I cant imagine having a baby and another small child at home to care for as well. I dont know how some women do it!! Christy have fun at your cla__ses.. :) Jodie- dont worry, it will all be over soon...November is just around the corner!!


lilmum (aka N) - October 15

Hey ladies. Christy, I know how you feel.. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and he told me my baby is huge. I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks and the baby was measuring big, then at this visit my belly is 3cm bigger than it should be... so I have another ultrasound at the end of the month (about 36 weeks) to see how big this baby is going to be. My doctor said at this rate he could be 8.5 - 9lbs.. so if it still looks pretty big, we'll do a c-sec I think (but most likely at 38weeks, and i'm not ready!!) I don't think it's very easy for them to turn around once they are head down, especially in the last few weeks, but stranger things have been known to happen. I am sure if it did flip, you would notice.. LOL I am officially moving in 9 days and I am killing myself trying to pack! My two year old is into EVERYTHING and doing such a great job of UNpacking things for me. I still have to clean this place before the end of the month and THEN I can start unpacking the new place.. I am starting to wonder where I will fit in the time to have a baby.. I hope it can stay in there until atleast 39 weeks or I will have nothing ready! I am setting up the baby's room this sunday because I have possession of the new place tomorrow so no matter what, I am somewhat ready for the baby. I haven't even started to think about the hospital bag or even buying diapers! I did buy a new quilt and flannel sheets for the crib today though :) Well I hope everyone has a great weekend, get some sleep if you can!


Tara - October 15

Hi ladies..Hope everyone is doing well..I've been such a crab today and don't want to do anything not even sit or stand..i've been so irritable since i got up this morning..My baby has finally dropped alot over the past few days..i go back to the Dr. on Monday..and hope we have some type of progress going on down there..I finally proved to my husband that he DOES SNORE..LOL i busted out the camcorder while he was napping after work yesterday and of course he blamed it on the dog..but knows it was him..I probably won't have anymore baby showers after this one either i'll just save all of his stuff for the next one which will be many years atleast 5 or 6 from now,but then it will probably be a girl and have to go buy lil girlie clothes..LOL..Anyhow ladies i hope everyone is having a good baby day!!


Christy - October 15

Hi, all. Tara- maybe you need to sleep on the couch. A lot of my friends did that towards the end because it was more comfortable, but it would definitely help you avoid your hubby's snoring. The childbirth cla__s was ok. It could have been an hour or so shorter today, but it sounds like we have a lot of interesting stuff to cover tomorrow, so I m looking forward to it. Lilmum- "ugh!" about moving. I hate to move, and I would be a raving lunatic if I had to move now. You are brave, strong woman! I hope the move goes well. Hope everyone else is doing well too.


Miranda - October 15

Hello ladies!! How are the bellies today? Hope everyone is good. I'm doing okay, except for i had alot of noticeable braxton hicks today and twice i had this shooting pain really low. I wouldnt mind it if i knew that this was labor lol. Oh well couple more weeks to go. Omg lilmum! I cant imagine moving right now!! I dont know how you are going to do it..but lots of luck to you and dont forget to take it easy. So you wont get everything in order..who cares ;) My next appt is on monday too..hopefully i'll be another centimeter dialated. When i first had my daughter i thought that i'd save everything too, but as the years pa__sed i just started donating things or thowing them out while now i am basically starting all over. Its okay i guess, things are alot nicer when they are new lol. Christy have fun at your cla__ses tomarrow...good night ladies!!



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