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November 2005 Mommies - November 2

Welcome to our new friends, and continued companionship for all of our old friends. We are seriously close now!!! Please share with all of us your exciting news, your frustrating concerns and your emotional roller-coasters.


Christy - November 2

I almost started a new thread today too. I feel like such a slug. When don't I feel like a slug anymore? I felt motivated to do stuff for like 30 minutes this morning and then nothing. Well, at least I met the pediatrician (he is very nice) and went grocery shopping. I have an ultrasound and NST tomorrow. My mom thinks that I dropped a little bit, but I am not feeling it. I can barely breathe sometimes. I am also incredibly moody/emotional. I can feel so depressed one minute and then fine the next. I hate it. I just hope I don't get post-partum depression, which is possible given my history of depression. So, how is everyone else? Lilmum- what brought about the decision to do a c-section? Did they think that you wouldn't be able to do a VBAC without complications? If it is the best thing to do, then good thing you are doing it. I hope it goes well, and luckily, you know what to expect afterwards, so hopefully that will help you with your recovery. I hope everyone else is doing well. Take care.


Jodie - November 2

Hi christy! I have a question for you, did you call up the pediatrician and just make an appointment to meet him, or did your doc suggest it? My doctor gave me a couple of pediatricians that are good in the area..but I wasn't sure if I need to meet him before the baby is born? So much to think about. Just when I think I am ready there is more stuff to think about. My baby has dropped but no thinning or dialation yet. I just have a feeling I will be going over my due date. I am due on the 22nd. When are you do?


Christy - November 2

Jodie- Hello! I am due 11/26. A few friends recommended the pediatrician to me and I was advised to schedule a "meet and greet" with him, which is what I had today. I would pick a couple on the list your doc gave you and meet them to see who you'd like. Do you know if any of the docs attend at the hospital where you are delivering? Mine does not, so I'll have an attending following the baby at the hospital, and that person will supposedly call my doctor to let him know what is going on. I am supposed to bring the baby into our doctor's office around three days after we go home to make sure he is doing okay. I have to say that it was nice to meet him and I feel good about taking the baby to him. The only issue is that his office is a good 20-25 minute drive, but it is with a world-renowned hospital, so I am going to suck it up and do the drive for now. If it gets to be too much down the road, then I have a bunch of recommendations for near-by pediatricians by my neighbors who are moms. As for thinning and dilating, I have no idea if I have anything going on down there. I have not had an internal yet and am not experiencing any pelvic pressure or anything. I am okay with not knowing since I think it will just frustrate me if I am dilated or effaced, but nothing happens for weeks. LOL :)


Tara - November 2

I'm getting ready to leave for the hospital..I'll let you guys know how it goes when i get home..Pray for me :-)


Miranda - November 2

Oh my gosh Tara!! Good Luck!!! I wish you all the best!! Lucky lucky you!! By tomarrow you'll have your angel in your arms... :) Well the night i had my daughter i took a nice looong warm bath and then started contractions afterwards...i'm hoping if i do that tonight the same will happen. Probably not but hey, why not give a try? Labor dust on all of us ! ;)


Tara - November 2

I've not left for the hospital yet..i've been reading up on a labour inducing medication they want to give me..and i'm starting to have some concerns actually alot of concers..The medicine is called Cytotec to ripen my cervix and i've read up on the internet about it and did'nt like what i read..I'm going to have alot of rea__surance from the nurse and Dr. before i let them give me that.Thanks Christy,Miranda and everyone..oh i forgot when you lose your mucus plug it is more like slimy strings with a small ball of mucus that is brown or mine was..Well it's almost time to to you all soon.


Jodie - November 2

Hey Christy...thanks for the info. I am not sure if the pediatrician comes to my hospital or not. My doctor takes his kids to one of the pediatricians and has highly recomended maybe I will give him a call tomorrow to schedule a meeting time. I had a doctor appointment today..nothing fun just the usual. The doctor had me schedule my appointments for the next 3 weeks....seems like such along time. Are you still working? I started my leave last week because I was having horrible pressure and went to the hospital and they said its from being on my feet so much. So I have started my leave to take it easy. I have been so comfortable...but starting to get bored.


lilmum - November 3

Hi girls. Good idea on the new thread, this is a big month so I'm sure it will get long quick. Good luck Tara! I have never heard of them giving pills to induce before.. I have heard of those gel packs they put on your cervix to ripen it.. didn't work well for me, but I know it works for alot of women. Good luck girl! I am so excited for you! Christy - they sort of encouraged a repeat c-sec from the start, but I wanted to try anyway. Now my baby is getting really big. I am really scared of trying for a v____al delivery and ending up with an emergency c-sec again, and my doctor sort of talked me into an elective one. If this baby is born in the next two weeks it should still be under 8.5 pounds and be somewhat managable, but if I go longer then that, it will be too big and the risk of uterine rupture gets higher (only 18months between pregnancies and they advised atleast 24months). Plus we would have to book the c-sec now to have it done at 39ish weeks (38weeks and 6days) because apparently it is very hard to book an operating room for the day (which is why i can't go to the hospital I planned to go to, but luckily it will still be done by my doctor). I am so nervous about this. The only surgery I have ever had is having my wisdom teeth removed and I was put right out, and my last c-sec which I was barely awake for by that point. I really want to go into labour now.. My baby is almost 7lbs already and they are pretty sure the lungs are fully matured.. but I have no dialation, no thinning.. nothing, my cervix hasn't even begun to soften. I am so excited to have him here though! The new place is actually starting to look like a home now and our son LOVES it here! I can not get over it, it's like a complete personality change! He is SOOOO happy. He runs up and gives me hugs and says "oooh mommy love you! nice mommy, HUGS!" for no reason at all, just out of the blue. We have been here about 10 days and haven't even picked out which corner is the time out corner because we haven't even needed one!! He hasn't argued to go to bed, thrown any tantrums, he is CLEANING UP! I am so afraid this will change when the new baby comes, but he almost seems like he understands the baby is coming now! I know I am rambling.. I have so many things going on right now and all I can think about is having this baby! Have a good night girls, and good luck again tara! I hope Mary and Lesley have had some luck too!


Lesley - November 3

Morning everyone :-) I was supposed to be an October mummy but this baby had other ideas. I am 11 days over and he's still hanging in there. It's my birthday tomorrow wouldn't it be nice if he came then!


kav - November 3

Oh Lesley, he's still hanging in there?, he must be incredibly comfy! Christy, I am also due on the 26th of Nov and haven't had an internal examination yet. However, I am feeling quite a bit of pressure down there. It is difficult to turn over in bed and when I am walking around, I feel like I need the loo every 10 mins or so! I have a midwife appt tomorrow, maybe she will have a look then. It's such an exciting time - I really can't believe it is finally November. Take care everyone.


Brooke "Mama" Crow - November 4

In four hours I have to be at the hospital ... I haven't even gone to bed yet ... I can't sleep and my nerves are so torn up I am running to the toilet with the runs ... I am nervous and scared and thrilled ... my baby is going to be born today ... I've written letters to my other children and sealed them in envelopes ... all of a sudden I am having panic attacks and worried about dying on the operating table ... I wonder if this is normal?


lilmum - November 4

Brooke I can only imagine how you feel. I am having my c-sec in 12 days and it is not NEARLY as extensive as yours, but I am terrified all the same. I think about this day that is coming up and how things will play out and I start to hyperventilate! I just keep reminding myself when it is all over I will have my precious baby and that's all that matters.. it works most of the time. I am so afraid of complications or even dying.. I reminded my husband the other day I have a small amount of life insurance just incase, he looked like he wanted to smack me (not really smack me, just that look of "what are you trying to do to us?"). I am dreading the pain afterwards as well. Considering the surgeries you are having done, your feelings are more than normal. I think it is so sweet that you wrote your children letters. Did you write one for the baby too? Please don't worry too much, things will go great. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you all day and I hope we hear from you soon otherwise I am sure I am not the only one here who will be worried sick. Lesley - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wish you lots of luck and happiness today.. lots and lots of labour dust too! Christy and Kav - I am not actually due until the 24th and I had my first internal exam on tuesday.. NOTHING. I keep hoping I will go into labour naturally and I won't have to have the c-sec.. but I doubt it. Christy your right, I think it's better not to know otherwise you end up mad that your not showing signs of being close to labour, or you are dialated and still nothing is happening. Dang, I am rambling again.. OK, well I should go wake up my munchkin and start the day.. have a good one ladies.


Miranda - November 4

Hello ladies! How is everyone today? Brooke!! Good Luck and please dont be nervous..your baby is comming today!! Lilmum, glad to hear your doing okay with the moving and all. When we moved last year, my daughter also LOVED our new house and was sooo good about helping :) Lesley, Happy Birthday!! Hopefully your little man will make his appearance today. Hmmm I wonder if Tara had her baby?? I hope all is well with her. I have started to feel ALOT more bh's and sometimes even contractions and a lot of cramping. I dont know if that means anything but I am hoping it will be soon. I'm down to the single digits!! 9 more days to go! Unless of course on Monday i decide to induce sooner than the 13th. I still havent made my decision. I'm kinda leaning towards going on my own, but i dont want to go over my due date. We'll see how much i've dialated on Monday ( If i make it! tee hee ) Well ladies i wish everyone luck and a good day, I'll be back to check if any updates !! Byeeeee <3


Lesley - November 4

thank you Miranda :-) I have had a bad day today. Can't stop crying. I am an emotional wreck. No sign of baby still, I've give up on all hope of going into labour naturally. Monday is when he is gonna come, and thats if my labour isn't long.


Miranda - November 4

I'm sorry you are having a bad day Lesley, hopefully he will come tonight or this weekend, but if he doesnt you at least know that it will all be over soooo soon either way. Monday is just around the corner. Just try to keep busy, call up a friend for lunch or rent some movies you've been wanting to see. Try to get your mind somewhere ( I know thats really hard to do with a huge belly) Well i'm off, going to try to take my own advice and see whats on tv... byeee


Cher - November 4

I am due on the 8th and feel fine. No cramps or feelings that labor is around the corner. I am getting scared as I don't want to be induced (which they won't do till the 17th for me anyways) I feel like the days go by sooo slow, and labor is the only thing on my mind!!



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