Uterus Quot Tilted Back Quot

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Lorikap - June 20

Has anyone been told by your gyno that your uterus is slightly tilted toward your back? Before pregnancy days I was told at a routine exam that this was the case, but that it was not uncommon. I haven't really thought about it since. But it kinda popped into my head and I wondered if this makes labor/delivery any more difficult? Or maybe the baby kind of repositions it and it's not even an issue. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


boolie79 - June 21

while getting an ultrasound for my second pregnancy they told me that my uterus is shaped funny. But they told me hey you have already carried one baby full term,, dont worry about it,, Now i am on my third pregnancy.. i wouldnt worry about it unless the dr says to.. but by the sounds of it.. you're fine.. good luck!


mcatherine - June 21

Mine tilts forward putting my cervix near my spine. I was told that tilted uteruses often corrected themselves during the pregnancy, making for a normal pregnancy and delivery - and some did or didn't go back to tilting afterwards. Mine went back to tilting after my first son (and I did have a normal v. delivery with no epidural). I think it's pretty common and they would have told you to worry if you needed too. Congrats and good luck!


redemptive_angel - June 21

I was told I had a tilted uterus long before pregnancy. I was also told that it would correct itself once I have had a child. This little girl is my first... I dpn't think it will affect labor and delivery (but I am not sure)


Nerdy Girl - June 21

Mine is extremely tilted. The only issue it caused was that it was harder to hear the baby's heartbeat at the beginning of the pregnancy. With both of my kids, I was sent for a quick ultrasound at 10 weeks because they couldn't hear the heartbeat in the doc's office. The babies were fine. My uterus was just so tipped back that it wasn't easy to find the heartbeat until later in the pregnancy.


1Sttimemomy - June 21

i had the same thing happen to me as nerdy girl they could not here bb heart beat until the end of second month but they sent me in for an ultrasound at like 12 weeks and baby was fine .i have a really bad tillted uterus also .and it hasn't effected anything so far and i think that it doesn't effect labor or the baby either.everything will be fine .good luck.


Lorikap - June 21

Ok, for those of you who said you have a tilted uterus (sorry such a personal question), but before pregnancy did you find certain s_xual positions easier than others because of the "tilt"? I guess I'm not sure if the tilt affects the v____al ca___l as well.



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