Weried Craving For White Chalk

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Grewal - September 25

Is it safe to eat white chalk. I am 35 weeks pregnant and due oct 28th. what to eat white chalk is it safe for the baby and me.


Pearl - September 25

My sister had this problem when she was pregnant. Her doctor said it sounded gross, but it'sc ommon. She actually went as far as buying non-toxic white chalk and trying a bite. That cured that craving. I guess it means there something your body is lacking. Maybe keep a diet record and see what you are missing?... lol I don't know what to say. With my first pregnancy I craved the scent of clean laundry.


sarah21 - September 25

It is called Pica and it indicates a vitamin deficiency and you need to call your doctor.


January - September 25

I found this online---- Some women experience cravings for non-food substances such as laundry starch, crayons, ice, dirt and cravings for smells like ammonia or nail polish remover. These non-food cravings are called pica, and may present a danger for you and your baby. Eating non-food products is a__sociated with constipation, bowel obstruction, elevated blood pressure and anemia. Your health care provider should be able to help you determine if your non-food craving is harmful, and may be able to help you find ways to deal with it.


micorazon - September 25

Grewal - I’m so glad that you posted this. I have been struggling with Pica for the last month or so and I have felt like something was wrong with me. My doctor said that it isn’t necessarily tied to a vitamin deficiency, especially if you are taking your prenatals you should be fine but she hadn’t seen a case in years. I don’t know about eating white chalk, but what I do is pop a Tums or two when I really start to crave it. My doctor said that this is fine and I have pretty bad heartburn as well so it kind of takes care of that as well. I buy the white ones...the other thing that seems to work are those little pink and white heart candies...they are pretty chalky as well. Do you happen to live in the south? The doctor mentioned that there are more occurances in southern regions than up north where I am which is what made my case somewhat rare.


jenna32 - September 25

haha i have pica too! micro that's funny because i am doing the same thing only with rolaids because they have that chalky flavour,probably safer then eating that kind of stuff! i've only craved things like sand and chalk, i don't know how you can even think of craving something like nail polish remover! i googled it and was reading a website saying it wasn't too harmful unless it contains parasites but it fills you up you will just be eating empty calories, i don't know how accurate the website was though but if you happen to do it, it's a way to feel less guilty atleast!


nikki1 - September 26

I just googled it for you.......Standard chalk for cla__sroom use is generally made from calcium carbonate, so maybe you need more calcium. My recommendation would be to eat some tums!!! They are good for heartburn and also can be used as a calcium supplement... (also it is kind of chalky in texture, so it would help both ways!!) the body has a way of letting you know when you need something, even in these weird kind of ways!! hope that helped!! let me know what you think! -Nikki



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