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curious - February 17

well ive been looking through the birth stories/pics on birthdiaries.com and ive seen every single one, and what was weird to me, was that their 'butt holes' seem to streach reallly wide... will that happen to everyone in labour? im afriad of doing a #2 in the hospital infront of everyone. heres the pics in referring to http://www.birthdiaries.com/diary/42vbirth.htm (NO DASHES)


pbj - February 17

It is very common to pa__s a bowel movment while pushing since you are using the same muscles. Don't worry about it, if you do more than likely you won't even know it because the nurses will clean it up immediately...you can't see down there anyway unless you have a mirror.


Melanie - February 17

I asked my midwife about that. She said the body often tends to start to clean itself out a bit before labor, so you might notice that you've got slightly loose bowels before labor starts. Also, she said that still, a stool is sometimes pa__sed while a woman is in labor and it's just not a big deal. It's scooped away without a thought. I know it seems odd, since you don't ever really want to poop in front of anyone, but it's just part of the deal and no one will think much of it if you do have a movement.


Amber - February 17

I pooed a bit during pushing. And i really didnt care. In fact, before i started pushing i yelled "omg i have to pee!" My midwide told me, "well just push!" and i did... and i peed a bit too. During pushing the poo was trying to get out too, so the midwife took a paper towel, and wiped it a bit. I asked my boyfriend (whom i thought would be horrified at the sight of my poo) if it was gross. He said no, he was curious what would come out first at that point, the baby or the poo! LOL As for the stretching, it all goes back :P


to curious - February 18

Right, I hear too that you won't care because you'll be in pain and/or just so determined at this point to get the baby out. And the hospital staff sees it all the time. They know how to take care of it so everything's clean a moment later. I've also heard that you might not even know it. There was a story I read somewhere where the woman's husband had her convinced for months that she had not pooped. But she finally got it out of him that she had. And he didn't care... he just knew that she was so self-conscious about it that he kept it from her anyway.


Tamara - February 18

I just had my baby and trust me you won't care if you do #2 while in labour. It'll be the furthest thing from your mind. Don't worry!


KLC - February 20

depending on where you live you may get an enema when you are admitted to L&D. I did and I may not have pooped while pushing but I didn't get off the toilet for like an hour before!!!!!


Tal - February 20

Those pics are kind of gross... I can't believe someone would put herself out there on the internet in those positions... It is scary I willl be going through the same thing in a few months.


mel - February 20

I must say that I totally agree. I mean, giving birth is a beautiful, natural experience. but why would anyone want to put themselves out there on the internet to be viewed like that? oh well....different strokes, I guess.


to the last two posts - February 20

She is obviously not shy or embarra__sed about this natural process. Personally, I get squeamish when I see footage of war scenes, rape scenes, surgeries. But this doesn't bother me whatsoever.


mel - February 20

the pictures don't make me squeamish. and in all actuality....I wouldn't mind having my own personal set of photos of my own birth for my husband and I to look back on. I think the "posting them on the internet part" is what strikes me as odd. like I said, "different strokes".



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