A Better World For Pregnant Women

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Dew - November 10

Why is it that only Baby's R Us has parking in the front for expectant moms? I think every parking lot should have at least a few. I ran 3-4 miles/day before I got pregnant but now I get tired walking from my car to the store entrance. I won't even talk about walking up stairs. I hate walking right now, sometimes I even with I had a wheel chair. Am I just a lazy brat? I also think the baggers in the super market should bag groceries a little lighter. I know they are trying to save bags but most of the time I have to re-bag my groceries just so I can carry them. I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat, but this is my first child and I never thought about how hard it is for a pregnant woman to handle everyday activities. Everything seems hard when you can't reach your feet, or even see them most of the time. Any thoughts?


ca__sandra c. - November 10

funny you say that b/c the babies r us around where I live has ZERO expectant/new mother parking spots, but just about every other retailer DOES!


Jackie - November 11

Yeah the babies r us in chicagoland area dont have that parking either but a few of the malls do! I wish we had it at work....i work in a building complex with 3 towers and always end up blocks away but it helps b/c arent we supposed to walk and get exercise anyway??


Chrisy - November 11

I only know of one store that does that around here and that's Babies R US. They are usually filled up. Walking doesn't bother me, it's the way I have to lean over the counter just enough to wash dishes and make my back ache!!


LRK - November 11

I don't think that the Babies here has it, but the local mall does. The only thing is that there are four or so spaces for the entire mall. Plus it is for "expectant mothers and families." Well, the whole mall is full of families, so the spaces are usually taken. Other than the weather though, I never understand why you need close parking at a mall, where you will be walking anyway. I do very proudly take the special space when I see it though. There are many wonderful ent_tlements when one is pregnant!


Stefanie - November 11

Where do you girls all live? I have never seen parking spaces just for expecting mothers anywhere that I have been but it sure would be nice


pbj - November 11

That's funny cause I was thinking it was really nice to have expectant mothers parking at babies r us, but I think it may be even more difficult once I have the baby. I see these poor women with 2-3 or more kids trying to lug groceries and they have to park really far. I don't think I'll have trouble with 1 but I sure do sympathize with mothers of several. (but I do love those expectant mother spaces, so I'll take advantage as long as I can)


Alicia - November 11

I had a manager who worked at a grocery store walk right buy me while all my items in my arms were falling to the floor. She seen i was struggling didnt even stop to help! what a jerk..shows just how much people care lol.


Jen - November 11

There are 8 spots for expecting mothers where I buy groceries, but the funny thing is that they are always full- then I will see some idiot teenage boy getting out of his car that is parked in one of them! Ooh- that really p__ses me off. I earned that spot, and I deserve to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Babies R Us here in Houston does not have parking for expectant moms that I have seen, however, I think that new mom's with infants or toddlers would deserve the spot just as much because of all the ha__sle just to get the kids from the car into the store!


klr - November 11

We have a grocery store that has special spots for women with children. Of course those sports used to p__s me off since I didn't have children!



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