A Bit Sad That Soon I Will Not Have A Baby In My Belly

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Mary - August 11

I have gotten so used to carrying a baby inside of me that when I think that in about 2 and 1/2 months I will not longer have my baby with me 24/7 inside my guts, I kind of feel a bit sad. Of course the thought of having him in my arms is something I am so looking forward to, but ... I will miss him inside my belloy, will I not?


to Mary - August 11

I had that same feeling with my first pregnancy. I wanted to keep baby all to myself. However, you will be so happy to see his sweet little face, kiss his chubby little cheeks and hold him in your arms :).


Shannon - August 11

I am sure the closer you are to your due date you will be ready for the baby to be out. Sorry, just venting. My due date is tomorrow and it doesn't look like he is coming anytime very soon. However, I am sure later on down the road I will miss those special moments only us pregnant women feel, with the kicks and movements and even those hiccups. but right now i am over it. haha!


Amanda - August 12

Shannon, i am with you, i am 31 weeks and i am ready to see and hold my sweet baby girl.


Lynn - August 12

I feel the same way.. many people are asking me "So, are you ready to get that baby out yet?" and I'm like "umm NO". I finally told my husband that I was being very selfish, once I have her I will have to share her with everyone else & right now I get to enjoy her all to myself.. But then again, I can't wait to see her!


s - August 12



Mary - August 12

I still have 11 weeks to go and I am also hoping that by the time I am due I will be like s ...lol :)


courtney - August 12

Mary, I know exactly how you feel. I am currently 33 weeks and I get sad thinking about not having my baby in my stomach anymore. I know that it will be very exciting to finally see what you have created but I still want to feel her in me. To me it's the neatest thing being pregnant. I guess we will just have to get pregnant again later.


b20 - August 12

i'm 35 weeks..and i have mixed feelings..it feels like i have been waiting life time for this sweety to come in my uterus and i remember praying for him while i was only 19, i got pregnant after 15 days of my marriage..i can't blve how restless i was praying to get pregnant, when i found out that i was really it was like a dream come true..i didn't had much difficulties since now and i'm very light and comfortable..today when the baby didn't moved alot i cried and missed him alot and now here he is kicking like a restless boy in my belly..i still look 7 months while tomorrow i will start my ninth month..A baby stays 40-42 weeks in mother's belly and when comes out lives for 70-80 or etc "may God give long life to every mother's baby and make them healty" so these weeks are so less to have the littles one inside you..tomorrow he/she will grow up go to school,college,get a job and marry some one else and become a mother or father and we will miss them sooo much..so i guess i better thank god that i still have this sweetheart in my belly to have and love as much as possible...enjoy pregnancy sister...



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