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29 WEEKS - February 12

My husband and I are planning to go to dinner on Valentine's Day I was wondering 2 things 1. Would one glass of wine harm our baby? and 2. Would eating a few clams and muscles do any harm as well? Thanks


Katie - February 12

I hear that one gla__s of wine a week is ok but I haven't done it. Im sure it wouldn't hurt the baby but you should ask your doctor. I myself have been craving a red beer mmmmm! I cant wait to have one of those. I hear that some women have those once in awhile and everything turns out ok but yet I still haven't done it. I only have 12 more weeks to go so I figure if I've waited this long than 12 weeks is nothin.


rk - February 12

I've been craving a gla__s of red wine but I only have a few more weeks till my c section so I'm holding out. I'm sure that one small gla__s wouldn't do anything. Not sure about the clams & muscles though.


a bird - February 12

I think if seafood is cooked enough, it's probably fine. Ask your doc.


Annette - February 12

My doc would say drink the wine, skip the seafood.


Heather L - February 12

Skip the seafood. It's well proven that raw fish and stuff isn't good for you when you are pregnant. My dr. said that a gla__s of wine on a special occasion as long as you have FOOD with it, is fine. :) Have a nice Valentines!


to 29 weeks - February 13

I didn't hear you say the seafood was going to be raw, so there shouldn't be a problem with it.


Girl Gilly - February 13

Personally, I don't think one gla__s of wine is going to do any damage, especially if you have it with food. Enjoy! I can't say for the seafood however. I would check with your Dr. and one thing to consider is the reputation of the restaurant on whether or not they are fresh and cooked properly, etc. Enjoy your romantic evening!


Holly - February 13

I drink a gla__s of wine, both red and white about once a week. Doc says its completely fine.


Ba8y6irl - February 14

I had a gla__s last night... and 2 weekends ago I had a beer at the hockey game... in moderation is fine! oh and the seafood thing is fine as long as its cooked properly... raw seafood isn't good...


kelly - February 14

Aren't muscles and clams cooked!! THey are boiled...I wouldn't go eating raw sushi but boiled = cooked. As far as wine, you are fine!!! I haven't drinkin a drop this time around but my first, I was a bartender so had about 2-3 gla__ses a week (not in one consumption!!!) You know our parents weren't this skeptical!! And we are all fine!!! Enjoy yourself tonight!!


Kate - February 14

Midwives and doctors have told me that I can have 2 units, twice a week (although I haven't had any)...this is standard advice in the UK, so if you're comfortable with that there's no need to worry! If you're unsure about the seafood, could you possibly give your midwife a quick bell just to see what she advises?


Genie - February 14

If you have one small gla__s of wine....you will be fine. I have done it, and my cousin who as already had her baby did it during her pregnancy. Just make sure you stop at 1 gla__s!!



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