A Litlle About Me Anyone Been Through The Same Stuff As Me

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fallen_angel4155 - February 22

Hi I am kind of a newb here. i have been reading everyones post since i have been prego but never once made a post kinda scared to don't know why though. but i feel the same way. My 1st EDD was March st and the final was March 19 wich both are around the corner. i am in so much pain and i have been sick though most of my pregnancy. My teeth went bad during this pregnancy had to have 3 pulled and i look retarded now. this is technically my 3rd pregnancy. my first 2 were with my first husband and this one is with my new hubby. my first baby had died inside of me when i was 7 month due to my hubby beating the poo out of me. didn't find out till she had been dead for at least 3 day inside of me. i kept telling people that i couldn't feel her move and everyone including the docters told me that she was prolly just moving around when i was asleep i finally got them to listen to me and the brought me in and did a US and told me they couldn't find a heart beat i had a mental break down right there. i ended up getting pregnant with my daughter a few months after the first and had a good pregnancy untill they did a US at 8 months and they told me that she only had a 3 cm pocket of fluid so they induced me and found out that she had plenty when i had her and it must have been hiding. and almost 8 years later i am prego again. have had health probs all through this pregnancy. i was in college and hanging out with friends and having a ball till my teeth started going bad. so i started taking this generic kroger brand tylenol well i started getting sick alot thought it was normal dr. even said it's normal. well i am sitting here thinking it's all morning sickness so i wasn't too concerend. well 5 months rolls around and i am so ill it's not even funny. I lost so much weigh that i weighed less at 5 months then i did before i got prego. dr. told me if i didn't start gaining weight by the next visit he was going to hospitalize me for malnurishment. so i had dropped out of schoolcause i could barely get to my classes and was preparing to be put in the hospital. was having issues just getting out of bed. well my best friend was watching the news and she called me up and and she told me to check they generic kroger brand tylenol I had been taking cause there was a recall for having bits and pieces of metal in it. and sure enough i was using the same stuff. i stopped taking the tylenol and i magically got better. called my dr. and he told me that it shouldn't have been what made me sick and the pieces of metal would get to or pass through to the plecenta so the baby would be fine. i still say that it was what made me sick. i have a very sensitive stomache. he may know about my female parts but i know more about my stomache.and i didn't start getting sick till i started taking it and stopped getting sick when i stopped taking it. anyway i gained a buch of weigh back and got better and healthier, then i catch the flu from my hubby, lasted about 2 weeks and was fine again. Then my dr put me on bed rest and have been on bed rest for servere pain in my back and found out I had a hernia by my belly button. I am so done with this pregnancy it's not even funny. i am 9 months (36 wks 3 days) and i am in so much pain and have been sick almost my whole prego-ness. and everyone treats me like i am retarded cause i didn't remember what contractions felt like ,knew nothing about the mucus plug thing or all the other pains that come with being pregnant tis far along cause i have never been this far along before and it's been about 8 years since i have been prego. so this is all new to me all over again. Plus i never had any BH with the other two pregnancies and i have been having them since i was 7 months but there getting stonger now as the days pass. thought my water broke the other day and went to the hospital found out it didn't but they told me i was 50% effaced and only a finger tip dialated and today when i went to my dr i asked him about membraine sweeping and he said we don't talk about that here cause of lawyer issues but he can give me a "vigarous exam" then told me to listed to the words behind the words when i started getting sad that he wouldn't do it. so in other word he is going to do it with out it being actually said. so he is going to do that fo me on my 38th weeks (two weeks away) and if i don't go into labor i will be induced on week 39. so i only have 2-3 weeks left. i can't wait.. I am so done with this pregnancy and my husband is tired of hearing me complain and lets me know he is. i feel like i want to get a knife and cut her out. of course i won't though cause thats insaine.....well know everyone knows alot about me and i have ranted and i am happy now that i have finally made a post.



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