A Little Concerned What Could This Mean

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Cassie06 - June 19

I have heard quite a few people say that before they went into labor they have had diarhea (sp?). Well, I have never been sick at my stomach before or had any problems with diarhea, but I have had it for 4 days now. I am only 33 weeks pregnant so I really dont want to go into labor yet. (As much as I cant wait for him to come out, I dont want him to be early or be sick!!) I havent had any other signs of labor, and just a few braxton hicks contractions. So should I worry, or what?


Nita_ - June 19

Ca__sie - i had a little bit of diarrhea around 33 weeks too. I think I had it for a day or two and then it eased up. Now struggling with constipation(go figure!!). Since yours been going on for 4 days, I would call the dr's office just to be sure it isn't serious. You may lose a lot of water if you continue like this I feel...good luck & take care!


livdea - June 19

I wouldn't worry about going into labor too much. our bodies go through so much while being pregnant...from constipation to diarrhea, happy to sad...it all depends but I wouldn't worry too much about labor. I would worry like Nita said about your fluids. Call your doc and start drinking lots of water and gatoraid! Good luck!


Erin333 - June 19

I'm only 29.5 weeks and I have had diarhea for a couple days now. I'm WAY to early to be going into labor. My doctor just calls it the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) of pregnancy.


Catherine - June 19

I had diarhea starting at 32 weeks for two weeks. I didn't have to go to the bathroom everyfive minutes, but when I did, my stools were loose. Then I was constipated for one week at 34 weeks, and again had diarhea for a week at 35 weeks. Again at 36 weeks I am constipated. My body is up and down with this, I figu.re it's just changing and getting baby ready for his move. I am drinking a lot and only water. Also, i have had a lot of braxton hicks too, every other day. I know this may not help you any, but sharing my experience. good luck


Mingill - June 19

I wouldn't worry, but I would call your doctor just to be on the safe side. Also you run the risk of dehydrating, so be sure to get lots of liquids in you. I had this problem early on and my doc suggested boosting my fibre, to help things bind better.



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