A Little Worried Had A Fall

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Cassie06 - June 9

I was at the mall today and had an interview this morning so I was in dress pants and heels (not a great idea at 32 weeks but my pants were really long and I didnt want to trip on them, so I wore heels!) I was walking to my car and was walking along the row of parked cars and an old man in a van (he had to be 95!!) was driving right along behind me, almost up against the cars! He was making me nervous so I tried to walk faster and my heel got caught in the concrete and I fell. I landed face first, but managed to land on my hands and legs but do kind of a push up and keep my belly off the ground. The old guy stopped, waited for me to get up and start walking again, and started driving behind me again!! Now, he totally p___sed me, and I dont know what the freak his problem was, but whatever!! I am just worried because I sprained my ankle, and it is swelling really bad, and my toes and my knees are all scratched up and bleeding. I didnt hit my stomach, but it is cramping some, I guess just where it got jarred. Should I wait and see what happens (I have felt the baby move and have no bleeding) or is it safe to assume he is ok?


tryingx3 - June 9

If you are concerned, I would call doctor, mostly because it is a Friday and you are liable to worry yourself all weekend if you don't! :-) Hang in there! Crazy guy! Probably stalking pg women! Ha ha


drea - June 9

I agree, check with your doc just to be safe, or else you'll worry yourself, but I;m sure everything is fine. I swear there should be a law made about not being able to drive after a certain age. Hope You Feel Better Ca__sie


EricaG - June 9

Hey Ca__sie, you should be alright since you didn't land on your stomach at all but I think your supposed to call your doctor and just let them know though, they'll tell you what to watch for. Last Friday my feet got tangled up in the blankets and I did a huge belly flop out of bed. I was so worried, I called the doctor and they said to come in if I had had any bleeding, gush of fluid or cramping, I had a little cramping but I figured I was fine because the baby was moving and I ALWAYS have cramping, lol. Anyway, I know how you feel, it's worrisome, just let your doc know and then try to put it out of your mind. :o)


Cabbie - June 9

Ca__sie, I fell at 36w right on my belly on the gra__s. It was on a Sunday nite so I called my dr Monday morning. They had me come in for a heartbeat check and a non stress test. Before I went in I did my kick counts Sunday night. I also watched for bleeding or cramping/contractions. All was fine. I delivered my baby last week and he was a very healthy little boy (9lbs 10oz)! I would call your dr though. They told me they always like to see you after a fall.


mommie2be - June 11

Here's a true story: I lady was skydiving- however her chute didn't open- nor did her emergency chute. She landed head first on land... and survived. She also discovered from this mishap that she was 3 mos pregnant and ended up having a very healthy baby. Again, she was only 3 mos. At the stage you're at now- the baby is very much protected by a strong sac so you truly should be fine, especially considering you externally protected your belly. You've probably already done this, but definitely keep your doctor in the loop. Good luck!


miraclebaby - June 11

I fell twice during this pregnancy and ok both. My doc said if no pain or bleeding it would be ok. I was horrified though, but truly I am ok .Good luck


mary70131 - July 5

I fell getting out of the shower when i was about 20 weeks and then got into a car accident like 2-3 wekks later,someone ran a red light and hit my side of the car.I have had braxton hicks ever since the accident,but they said baby is perfectly fine.If u have any concerns at all just call ur dr.It will ease ur mind.Believe it or not ..the baby is very well protected.take care.



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