A Lot Of Pressure 32 Weeks

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c - December 2

any body feeling this...lower abdomen pressure, kind of right over bladder. it is the most uncomfortable when i get up after sitting or laying down, or if i've been walking around a lot. it feels a little like the descriptions that i've read about what it feels like when the baby "drops" but isn't 32 weeks too early for that? also been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions last couple of days. i have a dr. appt. on monday, too long to wait or does this sound normal?? any answer would be appreciated...thanks


mechelle - December 3

hey c, i've been having the same problem. although i am a waitress and work 40 hrs a week. i'm 32 wks and 1 day. my dr says that with the more kids you have the more intense the pressure is, as to why i'm not sure. i as well have a dr appt on monday and i'm going to have him check me and see if anything is going on. oh yeah everyone at work says i look like the baby has dropped also. i think the baby can drop at any point.


c - December 3

thanks, i hope everything is fine...i'm sure it is. this is my first one and i just get a little nervous sometimes. good luck with the rest of yours... happy holidays!! :) :)


alicia - December 4

I feel the same way as you do but iv been carrying pretty low the whole time with my son anyways. Its my first too so im constantly like, is this normal? I find the pains and aches dont really start til at least halfway through the day closer til night although its been all day today lol. Is the baby still kicking around your ribs? They say when you stop feeling that, its a sign that the baby dropped as well. I dont even know if ill notice if he drops because iv been so low and constantly peeing anyways...good luck


c - December 5

alicia-i do get an occasional kick in the ribs, but i all seems to have moved lower, and i too am constantly on the toilet, i feel like all i do is pee, but i have been like that almost the whole time. i have been carrying pretty high the whole time (it's a girl) or that's what people are saying any way..it's my first also so i have no idea....oh well i guess we are in the home stretch now so it's almost over.... good luck, and happy holidays!!!


c - December 5

on that last one, i meant "it all seems to have moved lower"



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