A Name For My Son

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Help - December 16

I need help finding a name for my son that doesn't end in the "n" sound (ie. Logan, Braden, Jalen). Our last name ends with that sound and I don't want the babys name to sound redundant but it seems like thats all the good names are ending in right now. I'd love to hear some suggestions. Thanks.


Beth - December 16

LOL now all the names I can think of end in "n" What about Parker, Jack, Giovanni, Caleb, ummmm sorry back to thinking of N names gosh it is hard!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

My son is Lucas!


Michelle - December 16

Raymond, Paul, James, Louis, Denis, Erik, Chase, hope these help a bit, let us know what you find!


more info - December 16

Can you give us some more info...are you looking for traditional names like Thomas, John, Jacob etc. somewhere in the middle like Max, Zach, Josh or more original like Bennet, Myles, Seth....


jessielouwho - December 17

I'm looking for anything, everytime I read a post about names there are a ton of responses. I was hoping for the same. I really like Caleb Myles! These are some good ideas, I'd love for the responses to keep coming! Thanks Ladies.


MichelleB - December 17

This is a great site for finding names http://babynamewizard.com/namevoyager/lnv0105.html. It shows popularity by year back to like 1800! I found a lot of good ones here. My boy's name is Kiev, like the city. what is your last name...maybe that would help.


Stacia - December 17

David, Leo, Frank, Hal, Bela, James, Joseph, Mark, Nathaniel, Sam, Jayce, Ect... Good luck!


to Help - December 17

My baby's first name will end with "n" & his last name ends with "n". But they don't sound bad together. Plus, we'll always call him a nickname anyway... so much that no one will know his full first name unless they ask. His full name is really only for if he wants to be called that as an adult.


Gem - December 18

Troy, Samuel, Thomas, Andrew, Luke, Bailey, Kyle, Karl, Blake, Colby, Isaac, Elliot, Christopher, Harry, Daniel.



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