A Very Stupid Question So Please Bare With Me

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Tye - April 10

O.K.- so I'm 34 weeks and three days and I am really looking forward to my first cup of coffee! In a world with a newborn,triplet three year olds,and working I am sure it is going to come in handy. It has been very hard working, potty training my children ,and being pregnant all on my own energy. I'm sure a lot of you ladies out there know what I am talking about. That being said last night I was sitting out to dinner and over walks one of the estiblishment owners sons and we start talking. I somehow start getting in to how hard it is to give everything up we love and very sincerely said with a somber face caffine was definately the hardest. He then proceeded to say that caffine is a drug and is very addictive.I actually had to give up coffee for the preg because it was making me sick.. The hard part for me about it is the fact that I am tired all the time and can't have the help of cofffee. It's not like its a drug to me or anything. I just live in a world with no sleep and like most people find relief with coffee or caffine of some sort. It was a comment that probebly didn't mean any harm but it was just way off the mark and now for some reason I'm obsessing over the fact that I didn't make it clear to him why the no caffeine thing is hard-because of lifes responsibilites-not the actual drug! God is this hormonal or what! Now all I can think is is this going to run through my head and p___s me off every time a have a cup of coffee or do you ladies out there think this reaction is due to hormones and I probebly won't care later. God I wish I would have made it clear what I meant at the time. WHY AM I OBSESSING OVER THIS!!


San - April 10

Wow Tye...my hat is off to you!! 3 yr old triplets and ready to pop out another! I'm going to remember you next time I cry about being 30 wks and chasing a 16 mth old around. As for your reaction, I would guess it's the hormones. I would (and have!) felt the same way in similar situations. I've also been pretty rude to people who say stupid (or what I take to be stupid/misinformed/not meaning what I mean) things...not that I'm proud of that just sometimes I can't take it :) Anyways, good luck to you!


Tillie - April 10

What an a__s! You like coffee; who cares why? Has he ever heard of minding his own business? You don't have to justify anything; I wouldn't waste another minute thinking about it.


Ba8y6irl - April 10

I think you deserve one cup!! Go have at it!


Annette - April 10

I would have gone completely NUTS during my pregnancy if I had had to quit my beloved coffee. Not only I need it to start the morning, I need it to mmmm go to the bathroom, so to say. My obgyn said 1-2 cups per day was OK. Enjoy every sip of it and never mind people´s comments! Get it our of your mind, there will ALWAYS be someone with an opinion and won´t be shy to tell you, and obsessing about it is not worth it.


Tye - April 10

I think what bothers me the most is how I respond-or in this casedon't respond- and then I kick myself and do the old I wish I would have said game. I seem to do that a lot these days. It's about obsessing over the response or comeback-drives me insane! Anyone else know what I'm talking about? I seem to be always letting people talk to me like an idiot or just letting ignorant comments go without correcting them-why do I do that?!


Annette - April 10

Why? It´s called manners, Sweetie. We were taught to be ladies and not to tell nousy people to "#"$%"#@ go mind their own business. Yes, it´s frustrating. I tell my mother night and day how I hate the education she gave me.


Heather W - April 11

I hear you about the come backs after...and replaying it in your head over and over , what you should have said...I think it is worsse when Im pg....oh ya and I have 1/2 cups daily...its all good...doesnt it suck to be so nice you wouldn't say anyting to rude people...you are just too nice...and I think that that is actually a GREAT quality..oh ya and definately..hats off to you...triplets and another on the way...I am on #4 but they are spaced out and I think I have it rough...not that we don't LOVe our big families..go be merry and drink coffee!!


Tye - April 11

Thanks everyone- you all are so sweet! Sometimes I wish I was a little shall we say more outspokeen to people that have it coming so I wouldn't suffer over and over-but mostly I wish these stupid things didn't bother me so darn much- they hardly seem worth it yet I can't seem to help myself these days. Thank you again for all your kind words.


Renee-Marie - April 11

I love my coffee too, but did you know (and this is in no way a comparison but...) bananas are a natural energy boost? I know, it's not the same, but you might want to try it. And if it's not going to cut the mustard..... go have a cup. There are worse things than coffee... :-)



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