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rrc - February 20

So ladies, we're almost there! Can't wait till we all get to hold our precious babies!! ~Rachel


rrc - February 20

Wow, Amy, your life sounds a lot like mine right now!! I, too, long to at least START getting the nursery together, but alas, it is still my DH's office. As soon as the bas____nt is finished, we'llmove the office down there, then start working on the nursery. The carpet was supposed to be laid last week, but it was a bad batch of carpet and now we have to wait another couple weeks while it's being reordered. The tile was supposed to be done, but they miscalculated and ran out, then had to wait to get some more of that. And the list goes on! :) If it's not one thing, it's another. But I keep reminding myself that it'll all be worth it in the end! TNDRLVN- sorry to hear all you've been going through! I'm glad they were able to get the contractions slowed down. Your baby must be getting anxious to see you!! :) Hang in there! Oh, and I'm from Walla Walla, WA. I love BC! My DH and I have vacationed up there alot! KEYA-glad to hear things have settled down a bit, and that you at least have a little less stress. Is your doctor still okay with your weight loss, or is he starting to get worried? If he's okay with it, then that's sweet! I'm up to 22 pounds of gain. I guess that's still okay, though. JOANN-glad to hear things are going well for you. I guess I haven't started getting BH contractions yet. I'd know if I got them, right? Is it bad that I haven't gotten them yet? Does this mean that I'll be delivering late? TEE- so glad you're back! I'm at 32 weeks now. Due April 16. But if you're delivering early, and I deliver late, then you could totally beat me!! :) BUDDYLEE- glad things are going well for you! You could be one our first to deliver! Anyhow, I gotta run now. Chat with you all later...~Rachel


mama keya - February 20

Whooo hooo the final stretch, I have 7 weeks left. Can't wait till hear all of our birth stories, I think Cynthia will be first because of the twins. Well Good Luck Lets do it.


jazminesmom - February 20

well ladies i have 6 weeks left, but i will go early. glad everyone is doing good.


Nervousmommy2b - February 20

Ladies, we are almost there! The countdown in on! I am due April 18th and I felt in the beginning that she was gonna come I feel like I'm gonna be one of those who goes over! AGH! I'm no longer working so the time is going by soooo slow!


Amyell428 - February 21

Hey girls, well I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he said...WOW Jacob has really grown this past month. (Since now I am finally showing I wanted to say...ya think??? LOL) I had only gained a total of 6 pounds before this last appointment but now I am up to 10 pounds. I think it is partly because Jacob is growing and partly because I have eating too much Valentine candy. YUMMY! I am now on to the 2 week appointment time. Tomorrow I will be having a 4D ultrasound and I am super excited about that. Also, yall keep me inyour prayers...I showed my doctor a mole on my leg that looked strange to me. He is going to cut it off on my next visit and have it I do not need anything to be wrong after everything with Jacob is going so well. Pray for me.


rrc - February 21

I bet Keya's right about Cynthia being first. Cynthia, how are you these days? What's your doctor predicting about a due date now? Jazminesmom, how do you know you'll go early? Were you early with other pregnancies? You're so lucky. I'll probably go late. Amy, that's cool you're getting a 4D u/s. What's the difference between a 3D and a 4D? I'll definately keep you in my prayers about the mole. Is it a new one? Hopefully it's nothing. I know my DH keeps getting new moles and they keep removing them because they look strange, but so far they've all been okay. So hopefully yours is fine, too. He's had like 12 taken off. Anyhow, hope everyone is having a good evening. I think I'll head to bed early tonight. Pretty exhausted tonight. ~Rachel


jazminesmom - February 21

rrc- yeah my daughter was 2 weeks early, and aiden is measuring big so the dr. wont let him get to big. that and they checked me on monday and said my cervix was soft but not thinning and she could fit a fingertip in but said i wasn't dialated, which confused me but oh well.. i think i will have him in 3 to 4 weeks, we will have to wait and see when the dr. wants the next ultrasound propably in two weeks, i have an appt monday the 25th we will see what is going on


Amyell428 - February 22

OK this will be long but it will help you to understand the differences between ultrasounds....................What is the difference between a 2D ultrasound, a 3D ultrasound, and a 4D ultrasound? Lets start with the differences in the terminology. 2D means 2-Dimensional - meaning Length and Width, but not depth. 3D means 3-Dimensional - meaning Length, Width, and Depth. 4D means 4-dimensional - meaning Length, Width, and Depth over Time. A 2D ultrasound refers to a regular, black and white sonogram. This examination provides you with an outline of the baby. While this technology has proven very useful, it's shortcoming is that it is often hard for parents, or anyone who does not frequently see ultrasound images to see their baby. A 3D ultrasound uses the same basic concept of a 2D ultrasound, technology-wise, but rather than take the image from a single angle, the sonographer takes a "volume" image. The volume image that is displayed on the screen is a software rendering of all of the detected soft-tissue - meaning your baby's face, hands, feet, or whatever the sonographer happens to be focusing on. A 3D ultrasound produces a still image. A 4D ultrasound (also referred to as "Live 3D") extends on the concept of a 3D ultrasound, but rather than taking a single volume image, multiple volume images are taken in rapid succession. The result of these images displayed in succession is a motion video of the baby. You can see movement, such as arm or feet movement, thumb sucking, and even smiling.


Amyell428 - February 22

I am so sure you loved how I worded all the above......HA HA HA HA HA......that is called cutting and pasting from the internet. And yall thought I was that smart.....NOTTTT! ABout the mole on my leg. It is not super new. It has been there for about a year but I thought nothing of it for a while. I started getting concerned and thought I would ask about it. I hope like you will not believe that everything is going to be OK. I do not need to have new stress on me. UGHHHHH! I want to just enjoy this time in my life. Keep me in your prayers please!


jojomac - February 22

I will keep you in my prayers, Amy. Thanks for the insight on the U/S, Rachel. I've only had the 2D. A friend of mine was lucky to have the 3D. 4D would be so neat to have. A friend of mine is due on March 8th, and she's 75% effaced, and 4cm dialated and has been losing her mucus plug this week. She's considered full term, but doc says it could be any day or even a week before she delivers. It took her and her hubby about 7 years to get pregnant, and now she's so close to holding her little girl. I just had to share that bit of info cause I can't hold in how excited I am for her.


jujulbee98 - February 23

does anyone else have to go in every week yet? im due april10th, but ive heard most dont start going every week till 36 weeks. of course i didnt think to ask the dr why (duh, ill be so glad to get my brain back!!) and she mentioned about me having to sit with monitors each week now. (i a__sume these are non stress tests). i have a 2 vessel cord and have had 5 ultrasounds (the last one showed his foot in his mouth) so im a__suming its because of the cord issue, geez, if it was a more serious or new problem i would have no idea, i just hope its impossible for me to get any more stupid! anyone know how long it takes for your brain to return after birth?? its frustrating!!!


jujulbee98 - February 23

RRC--i just read that you are from walla walla, im about 2 hrs away from you, near lewiston idaho! so hi neighbor lol :o)


Amyell428 - February 23

Hey Ladies....boy do I have some news. I was not able to have the 4D ultrasound because the machine went down and the guy was working on it. But I had a regular 2D. OMG...Jacob has gained sooo much weight. I am 32 wks and 4 days today. I know this because I know exactly when I got pregnant because we were going to a fertility doctor. Jacob is showing that he is 35 weeks and 4 days give or take a few days. He is also showing that he weighs around 5 lbs 14 oz. OMG....what a football player I have growing inside me. I have only gained 10 or 11 pounds so I am carrying all baby for the most part. My poor husband and I almost had a stroke because we are still not finished with our house. Poor Jacob is going to be roomless. Thank God I have a ba__sinet for him to sleep in that super special to our family. It is almost 50 years old and we have all slept in starting with my 2 cousins and their kids down to me, my sister, my brother and all of their kids. I hope he does not get to be 10 pounds. OMG...he would kill me. I am not sure if I am hoping to go early so I will not have a huge baby to deliver or do I want him to stay put so we can finish this house. I guess I will leave it up to God, Jacob, and the doctors. It is out of my hands.


Amyell428 - February 23

Oh yeah....for anyone considering getting a 3D/4D keep in mind how many weeks you are. They like to do them between 27 and 31 weeks. Also the placement of your placenta makes a difference in how well the pictures turn out. Just something to think about!


wantanotheraftertr - February 23

Rachel just checking in on you! Looks like things are going well. I'm sure you are getting anxious for your lo to get here. My little Joseph will be 3 months on the 11th of March. He just got over RSV after spending last weekend in the hospital. He is doing very well now though. I will keep checking in and hope to read your birth story in April! Good luck to you all! Pam


jazminesmom - February 25

the dr. wants another ultrasound march 10th and then we will go from there, there is a possiblality i may need to be induced. he also said if i go into labor before 36 weeks he will stop labor, but if i am 36 weeks or more he will let me have my boy. well i have been having backaches all day, so who knows



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