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Amyell428 - April 2

Ok ladies, we finally made it to April. I can't wait to hear all the exciting news of every ones delivery. We have been together for so long and must promise to stick together through these precious babies early years. I would love to see pictures of your babies and share emails or myspace information. This is such a special time in all of our lives. Many of us have been through h__l and high water to get our little angel so now it is time to celebrate. I personally look forward to meeting my little guy Jake. If I do not have him this week the doctor will induce me on April 8th. My due date is actually April 15th. Yeahhhh Me! Joe and I are very excited. Now it is time to share your story whether you are new to the board or not. Everyone could use a refresher on what is happening in others lives. We get so caught up in our own life that we sometime forget details from others. Let me know what is new with each of you. Good luck and can I get a join in from all of you to welcome April to the calendar...finally! Our babies will be here soon so lets celebrate!


jojomac - April 2

Hello Amyell - my name is Joann and my u/s due date is tomorrow, and doc's due date is Saturday. I had an appointment yesterday. I'm finally starting to thin, but still no dialation. I have another appointment on the 8th and if I don't have her then I have an appointment on the 11th to do a nonstress test, and see what happens from there. I hope I have her before then.


Amyell428 - April 2

Hey Joann, I am pulling for you to have her before that. I know you are ready. What are you going to name her, I forgot...sorry!


jojomac - April 2

We are going to name her a___lise Lynn (after my grandmother and my hubbie's aunt). Yes, I'm definately ready.


due-in-april - April 2

I cant believe its April already! I still remember the feeling I had back in September. I thought April would never get here and how the time dragged on and on and now its like OMG by the end of this month I am going to be a Mommy. My life it going to change forever. It's not longet just me! Somedays I have the feeling like I was to keep my little one inside for just a couple more months so I can be a little more ready. I guess we aren't ever really 100% ready. I feel guilty for wanting her to come now because I want her to be totally healthy but I also cannot wait to met the little person that has been sitting on my bladder, keeping me up late at nite, kicking my ribs, and strategically placing herself on my sciatic nerve very early on, lol. We have created another life ladies, isn't that truly amazing? Sorry for my's the hormones! Oh and I am due April 12 with a little girl we are naming Jillian Grayce.


jazminesmom - April 2

I just want to wish all you ladies good luck with your little ones. my aiden has been home for 4 days and on friday will be 3 weeks old.


Amyell428 - April 2

WOW J-mom...that is sohard to believe that Aiden is 3 weeks old already. I am so glad things are going well for yall. JOJO and DUE I love those names. middle name is Lynn.


DanielleO - April 2

Hey April ladies! I don't know if you remember me, but I was briefly on this thread way way back in the first trimester. I have been super busy moving around for the last few months I haven't had time to post at all. Anyways, my name is Danielle, I am due on April 9th. My doctor hasn't yet checked to see if I am dilated or effaced or anything yet...I have no idea why, but I guess that is his practice. I am 39 weeks today, and I go in for a doctor's appointment at 2:30, so maybe he will check me today. We already have a 19 month old little girl and this baby is going to be a surprise gender! Well, hope you all have been feeling alright these last few weeks. I myself have been sore as heck allllll over this pregnancy. And I am SO ready to have the baby out, as I am sure most of you are too! Can't wait to start reading some birth stories, I have been keeping up with you ladies the whole time, just haven't had time to post myself. Take care!


mommylove2 - April 2

Yeah, it's April! I told my little one it is now his birth month and time to come out! I'm due with our second child, a boy, on April 11. At my dr appt today, I was 2 stretching to a 3 centimeters dialated, 75% effaced, cervix very soft and ready, and baby's head was right there. My OB seemed pretty pleased, and of course I was. Well, I was dialated about that much last week, but only 50 % effaced. So, I have made some progress. I've had contractions off and on for days now, and it makes me so anxious for birth. I just don't know when it is going to happen! After my dr appt, which was really early, I took my 21 month old dd to the store to walk. Contractions were coming every 6 minutes, but then tapered off to be sporadic. Hubby tried to help get things going today on his lunch break (wink), but I still don't think labor is here yet. Anyone else trying to get things moving? What are you doing? I don't remember "trying" this hard last time, but I think it is just b/c everyone kept telling me they expected this baby to come really early since my first was a week early. Maybe that's why I half expected his debut before now. Oh well, I know they come when they are ready! Maybe this weekend will be a very busy birth-filled weekend for us April mommies!


mama keya - April 2

Hey girls it mama keya I'm in the hospital and I just delivered Teneal Jazmenn today at 12:56 pm I give more detail later I'm really tired. Good luck to everyone. Talked to you guys soon.


melissa706 - April 2

Hey Ladies--I too have not kept posting on the thread, but have been checking on everyone's progress. I'm having a boy and my MD's due date is 4/18, but u/s due date for 4/14. Either way, MD states he will not let me go past due date w/o inducing so we'll have a baby here soon enough. I go to the MD for my check up tomorrow so we'll see if I've dialated anymore. Good luck everyone and I can't wait to hear the birth stories!


jojomac - April 2

Congrats Mama Keya!!!!!!! Can't wait for more on your deivery. So exciting everyone is starting to progress and actually having their babies. I'm getting so impatient with my progression being so slow. My doctor won't induce before the due date, so I just have to take it day by day. I have my little talks with her asking her to come out. I'm going to try the walking thing next. Hubby and I tried the intimacy myth - that gave me a few contractions, but not much more.


mommylove2 - April 3

Congratulations, Mama Keya! While I am ready to have this baby, I am again hoping labor is not today or tomorrow. Somehow, I pulled a muscle or something in my back today doing nothing but coughing! I was fixing lunch and started coughing (and not that hard, mind you) when I felt something in my back pop and then lots of pain. It hurts to walk or change positions and especially hurts to cough! I could NOT imagine giving birth like this. I wonder if I ought to call the dr or not, just to inform them, not expecting any help or relief. I'm resting and use cold packs off and on. I called my MIL to take my dd for the day, so hopefully, my back will heal quickly. I know labor is just around the corner...So, Ladies, take it easy and beware of coughing too much! I guess it is true you are more prone to injury these last few weeks. Maybe I shouldn't carry my 21 month old around so much! :)


jojomac - April 3

Wow, mommylove, I can barely carry my laundry loads back and forth. I couldn't imagine carrying a 21 month old. I hope your back feels better. I got into a fender bender. Some young kid did an illegal u-turn in front of me and I couldn't stop in time and hit him. Luckily the airbags didn't go off. I got out of the car and screamed at him that I had my 5 year old in the car and I'm 9 months pregnant. He started crying. I think he learned his lesson. I got checked and all is okay. Jazminesmom - how are things with Aiden at home? Are you exhausted?


due-in-april - April 3

Hey everyone. I thought yesterday was the day for us but it was a false alarm. I starting having contractions the night before and couldn't sleep very well. They weren't really painful, they were kinda like menstrual cramps.....annoying lol. They are about 4 mins apart so I finally called my dr yesterday morning because I started to get nervous cuz I hadn't been able to feel my little girl move since the contractions started so after 14 hours I was so scared. She told me to go to the er so I did and the contractions at the er were 2 to 3 mintues apart but not strong enough :( I stayed at a 2 and still 70% effaced so after 3 hours they sent me home. They just weren't strong enough to make me dilate any further. So I'm still pregnant, lol. My next appoinment is Monday so hopefully I will have made some progress. She said last week if she is not here by my dd which is the 12th then she will induce me on the 15th. I dont know how much truth there is to this but I've heard that labor is harder if you are induced....does anyone know if that it true? MAMA KEYA- Congrats on the baby!!! :) JOJOMAC- I'm glad everything is ok with you and both of your little one's! How scary!! MOMMYLOVE2- Hope you get to feeling better soon! I have the flu now, so I know about the coughing.....take care everyone!!!


rrc - April 4

Good morning ladies! How's everyone hanging in there? Congrats to Keya, our latest mommy. And I saw Teneal's picture on your myspace, and she's absolutely perfect, Keya! So who's up next? I think I still have a little ways to go. I don't feel like anythings happening. I'm going to start walking and see if that does anything. Anyhow, I gotta run, thought I'd at least check in and say hi. I'll try to post more later. ~Rachel


jazminesmom - April 4

jojo--aiden is doing great except he doesn't want to b___stfeed very well from me, and i have to pump after he eats to feed him more. i am tired, but hubby lets me take naps.



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