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jenna32 - October 28

i read you start getting internals around 36 weeks and i am 36 weeks now and starting to go weekly...i'm a little nervous about my next appointment because i heard they shove their whole hand up there so i was wondering if anyone could tell me if these exams hurt or their the same as the other tests you've had done and only uncomfortable for like a few seconds or not.


Tory1980 - October 28

We don't get internals as a rule unless there is a problem but I have had more this pregnancy than I would like to admit with possible preterm labour! LOL! They don't shove their whole hand up so don't panic - usually it is two fingers(index and middle) to check for dilation or effacement. They can be uncomfortable but it really depends on who is doing it and how gentle they are. You are best taking a deep breath just before they place their fingers 'up ther' and exhaling as they do so. Tensing can make them worse. It usually only lasts about 30seconds to 1min and that is it.


Cevvin - October 28

They are uncomfortable that is sure. No whole hand, but something bigger is going to come out, so be prepared. The only really painful one i had was a "vigerous" one after i had 3 doses of cervidil and then i went the next day with my daughter. Good luck with the baby.


HeavenisMine - October 28

From what I have experienced they can be super uncomfortable, but they're nothing to worry about really, once you have one you can certainly bare another. And no they don't shove their whole hand up there, that would kill me if they did! Only two fingers or so, and sometimes they have to go a bit high if your cervix is harder to reach, but don't worry as your cervix drops I am sure it won't be as bad. I unfortunately was a bit tensed up during mine.:( Best wishes at yours, my advice, just squeeze something! The table worked for me.


HeavenisMine - October 28

I meant as your baby drops, hehe, your cervix just goes lower when the baby engages themselves. That sounded weird. I hope your cervix doesn't actually drop!:)


lil-miss-saunders - October 29

Hey Jenna, Im 37 weeks pregnant and im seing my midwife today and was also worried about getting an internal exam. I have heard stories about them being uncomfortable and sometimes yes they can hurt but just think about that little baby inside of you and it will all be worth it. :)


emfine99 - October 29

At the hospital where I go, they don't do them unless you ask. I asked them to check my cervix for me because I'd like to know where I am at the moment. I had one done at 35 weeks, didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable. I was closed, go figure. They didn't check me at my 36 week appt because she didn't feel the need to. I guess with the symptoms that I informed her that i had, she felt that I probably hadn't made any progress, which was ok. But she did say it looked like the baby had dropped so at my next appt they will check. It's not so bad, I always get kinda scared at first to have anyone putting their hands down there, but then I have to think, it's their job and it will help me in the long run!


jenna32 - October 29

oh good,thank god, i was going to chicken out at this appointment. Hopefully they don't do it for a few more weeks. i know the baby had to pa__s through there but at least it's one time and i get a baby out of it, i don't want anything that big up there more then it's gotta be if they do end up checking every week from now on, i don't see it being necessary! i don't know what else they'd do besides the normal stuff like urine,blood pressure etc. except maybe see if shes in the head down position.


emfine99 - October 29

nah, don't chicken out! you'll feel better if you know how far dialated you are, etc. Plus, they don't put their whole hand up there... just a few fingers and it lasts maybe 30 seconds. Not a big deal! :-)


alirenee86 - October 29

I had heard the same thing as well and had my first one last week. In fact tomorrow is my second one and I'm almost looking forward to it so I can see how dialated I am. I was 1cm last week. It was like everyone said, a finger or two and was very, very quick. I don't know if because he said the head was pretty far down and was able to feel it quicker, but it was painless. A little annoying and uncomfortable, but once you know what to expect, it's fine.



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