About The 8th Time I Ve Asked This But MUCOUS PLUG

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synesthesia1821 - October 25

what is it supposed to look like? what consistency is it supposed to be? what color? because i keep getting stuff coming out of me that is slimy/ stringy and yellowish...not really so much RUBBERY, just kinda like mucous.... the doctors have done tests on me and swear i dont have any infection of any kind..so im assuming that it has to be part of my mucous plug. never experienced this before pregnancy and didnt have it all the way through either, just near the end of the last trimester. its not like watery or really thick, kinda like mucous. i think that's what it is, but im not sure, there's been no blood tinged in it at all... could this be abnormal????


nicole12 - October 25

syn, sorry...I was wondering the same thing yesterday and I found a web address in another forum and tried to paste it to you, but it won't allow it. Let me look and see if i can find the forum again.


nicole12 - October 25

syn...third trimester under mucus plug poll. Posted by photo Jan. 27, 2006 at 1700 hours. There;s a web address


tryin44 - October 25

When I started loosing my mp it was like a ton of yellowy snot. It was a very yellow golden color and would come out like a tablespoon or more at a time.


Tink - October 25

i am pretty sure i lost a chunk of mine today. i lost a little of it weeks ago, but it was tiny tiny bits and tended to happen after i had a 'rough' bm (i have fought with severe constipation). today i had a really big piece come out- it was like a huge booger- i know gross, but was greenish/with a little brown and mucousy, definitely not regular discharge. i have been taking EPO, so i think it is doing something. i am being induced tuesday anyways, but if he comes before then, then great. i have had a lot of discharge today and easier BM's the last few days (no constiptation), so i am thinking these are signs it is happening sooner rather than later.


synesthesia1821 - October 25

well good for you tinks! =] sounds like your labor might not be far off! i was wondering because i got little pieces of it out for a while now [or what i thought was it]... it was yellowish/greenish and not really thick, kinda like snot. not like normal discharge at all. i mean, small pieces so far up until recently. now im getting bigger amounts that are about as much as a quarter or half dollar. iono. you ladies think this could be my mucous plug? im 1 cm dilated and fully effaced...[i asked the nurse how effaced i was, at least 90%? and she said AT LEAST and emphasized that...]


DaBonkElsMe - October 25

Check this out - someone took a picture of theirs. Take out any dashes EXCEPT for the one between mucous and plug_______ ambiguous.org/quinn/images/pregnancy/mucous-plug3.jpg


synesthesia1821 - October 25

yeah, i saw that one, but mine has looked nothing like that. its not clear at all looking. very colored. green/yellowish and slimy.


jenna32 - October 28

i think i must have lost mine early! i kept having stringy green/yellow/brown discharge for 1-3 weeks ( i forget how long), no blood.that was around 33 weeks and now it's just all normal discharge and it is always white and normal now.


HeavenisMine - October 28

I was always wondering that, I have heard it can be green and snotty, to grey and snotty, just really stringy, or really blobby. It sounds so gross I know. I was not certain about mine until I saw a big white stringy goop, actually two of them, tinged with dark red blood. Only then did I start dilating, and according to last friday's visit, only a fingertip, and still no signs of labor for me.



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