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first baby - October 28

hi, i would like to know which is the good brand of br___t pump and where should i buy that.Is the mannual or electric is good?This is my first baby so i have no idea about these product.Help me..........


Jenn... - October 28

My son Blake is now 5 months old. I spent good money on a quality pump. Problem is, I don't have a need for it. I still nurse him, but I stay home with him and rarely pump. I would be just fine with the hand pump that the hospital gave me for free. I recommened not buying the pump until you see a need for it. Best of Luck!!


Christy - October 28

I'm glad that the question was asked. I was considering a manual pump until I came across an electric single pump that peaked my interest. Anyway, I have decided to hold off on the purchase because the single electric pump got bad reviews online. A lot of people made the point that considering how much money you save by not buying formula, a more expensive electric double pump is not that huge of an expense. I haven't done the math, so I am not sure on that. I have also realized that I can't start pumping for at least two weeks (although I have heard that four weeks is better.) In any case, I have decided to wait and see what my needs are until after I have the baby, like Jenn said. I mean, there is definitely time to figure it out and you can order one online if you don't have time to leave the house.


Christy - October 28

If you really want to decide sooner that later, I forgot to mention that my good friend, who stayed home with her daughter, got a high-end electric pump and really liked it, as did several of my working friends. They all got the Medela Pump In Style.


Brandy - October 29

I too am planning on purchasing the Medela Pump In Style; however, I am going to be off 3 months and plan on making sure I am going to be to b___stfeed. A friend of mine managed to get me a single electric Medela pump to have at home in the beginning in case I need it. Lots of people I know have gotten the manuals for while they are home and the electric Medelas for when they go back to work. I would just hate to spend $300 to find out I can't b___stfeed. Once it is opened it is yours and the lactation consultant at our hospital wants us to bring our pump with us so that she can help us with it. That's my plan. Good luck!


Lynn - October 30

I would go with the Medela Pump in STyel Advanced and get it sooner rather than later. You want to have a pump available so that in the case of jaundice or your baby has problems & can't b___stfeed, you can still contiue to keep your supply up. BUy it, don't open it yet, and have it just in case. They only take about 5 minutes to figure out how to use. If you don't need it, return it. As long as it is not open, you can return it.


Melissa - October 30

You may consider renting a high grade hospital electric pump from a pharmacy. Lots of pharmacies in our area rent them for like $20 a month. These are double electric pumps that empty both b___sts in 10-15 minutes total. They run $400-$600 if you went out and bought one. Just another option. Then if b___stfeeding didn't work out for you, you would only be out the months you rented it rather than the full cost of the pump!


Christy - October 30

If you do buy the pump sooner, make sure you can return it if it is unopen and unused. A couple of stores I went to will not allow you to return a pump once it is purchased.



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