Absolutly Petrified

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SARAH23 - June 3

Hi i am 39 wks pregnant and so petrified of going into labor. Im scared that i wont be able to cope with the labor and its gonna be so weird to have a baby there.


Alycia - June 3

Don't be scared of labor - you really can do it, and it won't be bad. If you can try to calm yourself down about it, it will actually hurt less. The fear response actually causes more pain during labor for various reasons I won't get into unless you're interested. Just *breathe*! As for being scared of having a baby around, I completely understand - that's the part I was more scared of. Again, it will be hard, but you do that part, too. Just be prepared to be tired, and try to have help around.


SARAH23 - June 3

I suffer from panic attacks so its hard for me not to think about it. Ive got to go through it now what ever anyway but the thoughts do scare me. But dont get me wrong i cant wait to meet the little one


Traci76 - June 3

It's going to be fine!! The body is amazing and can handle a LOT. I've been through labor before, and have very fond memories of it!! I look back on the labor and birth of my daughter and smile. So, if it was really that bad, I think I might would have to block at least the labor part out! Are you planning to get an epidural? I think in your case, especially since you have panic attacks, this might be the way to go.


Olivene - June 3

SARAH23, I would discuss it with your doctor, if you haven't already, just to let them know the situation. I'm having my first baby, too, and the idea is frightening. It is normal to be scared. I find this helps me: Go to a crowded place and look at the people one by one, telling yourself that each one had a mother that gave birth to him/her. It helps me to feel better. Also, do some positive visualization- imagine the whole thing going well. Surround yourself with positive people in the last part of your pregnancy- you do not need to hear negative stories now. My mom says "It's nothing you can' handle." Good luck. It will be okay.


angelbebe - June 3

I agree with everyones comments here. Fear is a very powerful feeling and can definitely affect the kind of labor you will have, but so will not being afraid. I would do whatever you can to make sure you are able to move around freely. SUrround yourself with only people who are calming while you labor. Insist that you not be bothered by nurses and other staff unless you need them or it's necessary, You don't need lots of commotion going on around you. Bring photos, a candle, whatever calms you. Have your birth partner ma__sage your back, feet, or whatever with lavender oil. Create a serene picture of labor. From experience, it works. You just need to focus. Where are you giving birth...you say it's going to be so weird to have a baby "there". I would definitely talk these feelings out with your doctor. It's important for you and your baby to get your head in a good place for this. Labor is an amazing experience. It really is.


K8 - June 4

Sarah, i also suffer from panic attacks that seem to have increased in frequency over the last few weeks as i get closer to giving birth, we just have to remember that we are built to do this, and women have been doing it forever (even sooky women like me) As for the panic attack side of things i was nervous that i might have them during labour but i have been having them for so long now that ive learnt to just breathe through it and let the wave of fear pa__s over me .... just remember it will always pa__s and we'll be fine after that. good luck and dont think too much ( i know its hard)


Deb - June 4

Honey, I think we're all scared because we've never done it before. Hang in there and try to keep yourself calm. I think most people expect the worse, and then come to realize that it isn't as bad as they thought. In the grand scheme of things, labor only lasts like a day which isn't really that long. You can do anything for a day. Once you see your little one, I'm sure you will feel much better about things.



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