Aching Ribs

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Jbear - July 6

I'm almost 32 weeks and my ribs are killing me! It's not from the baby kicking. It feels like I ate too much, but I didn't. I keep getting cramps in my ribs, too. Am I the only one having this problem?


jen - July 6

you are not alone!! have had this for a few weeks now (am36 weeks) really bad last night. you just need to try and get comfy, sit up straight etc, its where the uterus is pushing up against your ribs


Mimoza - July 6

I experience this too. I am 34 weeks.


Christina - July 6

I have it too and I am about 33 weeks. I hate it, it hurts so bad! Hey Jbear, we are pretty close in weeks...when do you think you conceived, was your period normal and all that good stuff? I am just curious because my ultrasound showed my baby about a week ahead, but I am sure of my last period. Guess it doesn't really matter, just curious.


MichelleB - July 6

Same here at 33 weeks. Baby does kick them, but I think there is pressure from the uterus. My bra size is getting bigger too aroudn htere, so thats my guess!


Christina - July 6

So since Jbear is not answering me! :) MichelleB, what about you, when do you think you conceived? I guess I am just hoping my 18 week ultrasound was right and I am a week ahead of what we thought was my due date! :)


Jbear - July 6

Christina, I conceived Dec 12, I know for sure, and I am due Sept 5, but I'll be having the baby sometime in August.


Christina - July 7

Thanks! Why are you having baby in august? If you don't mind me asking?


Jbear - July 7

I'm having the baby in August for two reasons: first, it's a planned, repeat c-section, which they usually will schedule about 10 days before the due date. Second, I have high blood pressure, swelling and headaches brought on by the pregnancy. I don't have protein in my urine yet, but the doctor thinks I will develop preeclampsia and said I will be having the baby in August. I had my daughter at 36 weeks because my blood pressure suddenly rose.


nelly - July 7

My ribs hurt constantly too and I am almost 38 weeks. I know its not the baby moving because it is a constant soreness that does not go away. I have been feeling it sense I entered my 2nd trimester and it has been one of my biggest discomforts its only on the left side and its the same pain in the same spot everday. I cant lay on my left side at all and have not been able to for the past 6 months my nurse told me its because I am so small and I dont have anymore room to grow.


MichelleB - July 8

I have never actually tried to figure it out. My last period started Nov 17th, which puts my due date at Aug 23rd, and I guess my conception date at Dec 1?. My ultrasound put my due date at Aug 17th, but Dr told does not change the official due date unless it 7 days or more off from the original estimate.


Christina - July 8

MichelleB, my ultrasound put my due date at august 17th as well and according to my last period I am due August last period was November 18th. We are pretty close! My doc said the same thing...only change the date if it is more than one week. Haven't had an ultrasound since week 18. Nelly, I feel your pain girl, at first my ribs were hurting on the right side and now it's the left. My pain is also constant and stays in the same place, it sucks!!



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