Acid Reflux

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Kelly - July 15

Is anyone else experiencing extreme acid reflux. I am having a hard time even keeping food down. It was just recently been brought one. Just wondering!! - July 15

i've always had the most horrible acid reflux. They say this means the baby will have lots of hair --- it was true for 3 of mine --- a__ssuming the 4th will have lots too. Tell your doc and he/she will give you a list of meds you can take that won't help anything. LOL Sorry, but it's true


-m - July 15

I have a lot of trouble with acid reflux also. It's horrible, it gets even worse at night. Tums have worked most of the time for me, except when it's really bad. It also helps me a little bit drinking a gla__s of milk before I lay down.


mom2faith - July 15

My doctor prescribed me some zantac, I take it twice a day, I find it really helps alot. If I miss a dose I can definitly tell the differance. hope this helps a little.


Ireland1979 - July 16

I had the same problem real bad even after water and was prescribed ACIPHEX it works I take one a day and no problems I can even eat pizza


saydie - July 16

i did have it really bad, my doc gave me prevacid. It works great. Ask your doc about it i havent had any problems since i started takin it.


miranda - July 16

Sometimes medicine helps, but sometimes it doesn't. Just hang in there until you deliver! I had it horribly with my first - nothing helped, I couldn't eat the last trimester, and sleep was very difficult. This time it is actually being helped so far by zantac. A little, at least. I can't eat spicy food though.


m - July 17

i'm having a terrible time too with acid reflux. i've found the only thing working for me is zantac.


m - July 17

(lot's of m's here!) I'm another m with the heartburn/indigestion probs. Zantac helped me. I took it one time and it helped tremendously. Took another pill the next day, and haven't really had to take it again. Or at least it's more bearable. I prefer not to take otc's too much anyway. I just needed some REAL relief that Tums couldn't give me. Plus the Tums and Rolaids chews constipated me. Try one Zantac and see how ya feel. It's on the OKlist of otc's from my doctors office. I noticed 2 side effects from it - sleeplessness and lip swelling. It went away though. More importantly it let me eat in peace and my heartburn isn't nearly as awful as it was.



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