Advice On Baby Sleeping Beside Bed

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Jenn2 - June 2

I am wonderig from anyone who is not a first time it helpful and worth it to let your newborn (just for the first few weeks of life) sleep in a bassinet or pak-n-play beside your bed? I am trying to think of ways to help out the sleep situation, and make things a little easier on my husband and I once she is here. She has a crib and her room is all set, but I have been thinking aobut letting her sleep beside our bed (not in the bed), so that when I have to get up with her right at wil make life a little mroe easy, and she will be able to sense that I am right there. After the first few weeks....I will start putting her in her crib to sleep at night. My husbane will sleep in the guest room during the week since he has to get up for work, and he will take over on the weekends. Its strange, but I am more scared about loosing sleep than labor has anyone done this and found it helpful?


mia - June 2

hi i will be doing exactly the same.It worked with my 7 year old so hopefully it will work this time too.When you think you could be waking every 2 to 3 hours .Also i will feel happier knowing they are by my side to start off with.


Been There - June 2

It is definitely something you should do. Not only does it make things easier, it's also comforting. I am paranoid, so every so often, I wake up to be sure they are still breathing. I still walk through the house now in the middle of the night to be sure my children are okay. Both of my children stayed in my room for 10-12 months. Some people like 3, some like 6. It just depends.


Lindsey - June 2

Hi, we have our baby's nursery all set up but our baby will be sleeping in a moses basket by the side of my bed for the 1st 6 months. I also have my rocking chair next to it ready for my night feeding sessions.


miraclebaby - June 2

Basinet for me as well, when its time to put them in the crib, you will know.


Traci76 - June 2

With my daughter, I did exactly that. She slept beside us in her ba__sinet for 4 weeks, and then went to her crib in her room. The only reason we did it at that point was because it was a traditional ba__sinet and not enough air was getting to her, so her head was sweating. This time, I'll be using a pack-n-play with ba__sinet, and we'll see how long we keep him beside us. It's VERY comforting to have the baby close to you for the first few weeks.


Jenn2 - June 2

have any of you noticed it was hard to get your baby to go to sleep in a crib after they got used to being right beside you at night? I have read that if you dont get them used to sleeping away from you by a certain age ( I think it was 6 to 8 weeks old), then you might encounter a fussy baby when you try to put them in a different room. Is that true?


Nita_ - June 2

Jenn2 - thanks for starting this thread. I'm a first time mom and am in same situation as you. Nursery ready, but want to have the baby in our room for few weeks in a packnplay.


Been There - June 2

No, I've had two so far and no problems when they go to another room.


Roary - June 2

Just today, my Fiancee set up a ba__sinet right by our bed. I plan to have baby there for upto six months. The crib is also very close by.


starr - June 2

I too plan on keeping my baby close to my bedside.I definitely would not get any sleep if she were any further away from me.I know I will be sleeping with one eye and both ears open for the first couple of months b/c I am very paranoid and want to make sure she's ok.


jenpreg39 - June 2

Im 39 weeks prego with my third,and he will be in my room just like my two other. I think its better for mom and baby,and daddy. Im always worried about the baby stopping breathing,so everyone sleeps better,when the baby is right by your side. Youll probably encounter some people that will say"you shouldnt do that",just ignore them,and enjoy this special time,that is so short lived.Enjoy your baby, and just do what you feel is right for all of you. Good luck with your new baby girl!


SarahB - June 2

I had my DS sleep in a ba__sinet by our bed only for the first 2 wks. I would have done it for longer but he wasn't sleeping very well and he seemed to not like his ba__sinet. So I tried his crib and he has slept perfectly ever since. I think it's up to you as to what you do. I would have liked my son in the room longer but it didn't work out.


Trinity102203 - June 3

My first daughter slept in our room in her crib with a rail taken down for the first 6 months. This time around, I have purchased a mini co-sleeper so she can also sleep by my bed. Conveniently for me, however, for the first 3 months I go to sleep in my room and leave the baby with her dad for a good 5 hours while I sleep and then we switch. I put the baby in my room at about 3 months when they start to realize that there is such a thing as night time.


krista-lee - June 3

i have the baby's ba__sinette set up right beside my bed so that i can hear him/her right away and he/she will know im there.



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