Advice On Naming Your Baby

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Nicole - November 4

I suggest that you wait until your baby is born to choose a name for him/her. Our son was born 3 weeks ago and we named him Benjamin - a name that we really liked and had chosen a couple of months before he was born. We still LIKE the name, but it SO doesn't suit him! He's just not a Benjamin. We also chose his big sister's name before she was born (3 years ago), but her's fits her perfectly. Calling him Benjamin feels wrong - just weird and it doesn't come naturally, ya know? We now regret settling on a name before he was born. Just something to think about and consider. :)


Gemma - November 6

I don't think a baby could not suit a name to be honest. I think they suit whatever you call them.


Dani - November 8

Nicole- My bestfriend had a baby 1 yr ago. She named him Landon. At first when he was born she said it was hard getting use to. SHe said naturally he looked like his daddy and she only wanted to call him Jason Jr. But she said she still loved the name she picked out, but he just didnt look like a Landon. a month or so later, she really feel back into love w/it and is excited now that she picked the name :) hopefully nicole the name will come back to you, Benjamin is an adorbale name. Have you tried called him Ben, or anything else? a nick name type of name?


Jamie - November 9

My husband and I picked out the name Serenity when I first found out I was pregnant - now my daughter is 3 months old, and I find myself slipping and calling her "Jade" - not because I like the name, or because I don't like "Serenity", but because she looks exactly like my niece, whose name is Jade.


Sam - November 9

You have a year to change the name legally, from what I've read. If you really don't like it I don't think the baby would care...


Hey! - November 9

Nicole- Yeah, your right! I have a name picked out for my little boy, but I will not tell the nurses what to put on the birth certificate until I get a good look at him and make sure the name fits him. I remember when my daughter was born thinking how much the name Annie or Mary would fit her because she was so beautiful and peaceful like a little angel that those names seemed perfect. Her dad already had a name picked out though months before she was born! Her name is Kaitlyn which I love, but I do know where you are coming from! Don't worry after a couple of months of calling him Benjamin, you will love it again! :)



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