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Amber - November 22

i really need someone to talk to, i was so upset last night after work i started crying even at work i was crying, well see my feet just hurt really bad, my back hurt...n plus get this sh*t tracey schedule me for six days, i can barely handle three u know this, he knows it, so yeah i was very upset at this to. I dont know what im going to do, i want to go on leave cuz its p___sing me off, i cant handle this i thought i could, should i call my dr. n have her write a note to tracey sayin i can work no more than two days what if she doesnt? Im going to have to go on leave cuz this is hurting me, im so stressed out the way it is with all the c__p going on. I just wanted to walk out tonight, i was hurting so bad, i just about walked out. I dont want to quit cuz i need this job after the baby i even need it now but if im going to get treated like sh*t just cuz im pregnant there is just no need to be there while im pregnant i should just go on leave, come back when im not pregnant maybe i will get treated like the others?? Also my boss told my mom n her friend that he was surpised anyone even should up to my baby shower gosh he is mean to me. I just dont know what to do please help me.


Swtpea - November 22

Amber... *hugs* I know how you feel. I had a job that required the same from me. I was on my feet all day at work no sitting allowed at all, and by the end of my days I was BUTT tired, in pain, and near tears. I talked to my boss early on in my pregnancy and she said she'd keep my shifts to 4-6hr shifts, 'cause they only give breaks every 3 hrs there and that nearly dropped me when I had morning sickness... as my pregnancy went on... 3!!! other girls found out they were pregnant...and things started to "slide" with my boss. >.< She started working me 6+days in a row before I'd get a day off... then when I told her I couldnt do that... and needed to worksomething else out, she'd work me 2 or 3 days and give me 2 or 3 in a row off which really helped, I'd say for about a month it was great. Then after my 6th month mark, when the weight was being put on, and my tummy was growing huge, she felt the need to work me 8+hrs/wk with 3+days in a row of that =o((. I ended up coming home and sleeping, and then getting up to go to work again, I was SOOO tired and sick all the time and I did come home in tears. I'd ask for certain days off and wouldnt get them unless it was a dr aptmnt, yet I'd come in on days off to cover shifts for everyone else ALL the time... I was extremely frustrated. I, personally, after talking to my b/f and my parents, decided it was in my best interest to quit. When I told my work that, they scheduled me 5-6days in a row again for the next two weeks i'd be working... so I just quit, up and left. I wont be going back after the baby... I will prolly take 4-6months off, work for 3 months over the summer then go back to school ... it will be tight budgeting, but I know things will be okay. I hope everything gets better foryou, I remember those nights after work .... and on top of already feeling c___ppy.... I thought things would never get better. *hugs* hang in there... maybe try to talk to your boss again... explain things, sometimes, people just dont get it! If you need someone to talk to or what not, my email is: [email protected] , feel free... I usually check it 1-5times/day lol... now that I'm home all day... ((which is nice but can also be nerve racking for someone who's used to movin and 'doing' things)).



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