Afraid Of Tearing

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Hannah - January 18

Ladies, this is my first baby and I am terrified of tearing... How common are third and fourth degree tears? Anyone with experience? thanks.


mel - January 18

Hannah. I did not tear, instead I got a killer episiotomy that cut me all the way down to my b___t. now, I didn't have any real side effects from this, rather than my rump was really sore for about a week. but I just read in the AMJ that they are finding that women that are allowed to tear, rather than being cut...heal much faster, experience less pain and have less complications all around. So I will definatly be mentioning to my doctor to just let me tear rather than cutting me again. Imagine that....God knowing what he was doing, as opposed to man. haha


Girl Gilly - January 18

Hannah, I have heard positive things about perineal ma__sage. I believe there was a post recently about it as well. It helps stretch the muscle and the theory is that it results in less tearing. My friend is a registered ma__sage therapist and she highly recommends it. I am not sure if it helps everyone but it is worth looking into. I know that I am much more interested in it after reading the posts from other women.


Ashley N - January 18

Hubby is about to start helping me w/ perineal ma__sage (I'm 34 weeks) - lol, maybe to much info but I think he's willing to do just about anything to possibly speed up recovery time for me. One thing I've heard that helps, is taking your time pushing the baby out, with epi's you might not feel anything so tears could possibly be worse? Not to scare you if you want a epi! I know a good friend of mine who said she just got a little "tired" of pushing so she gave it everything she had -and tore really bad. She said the pushing was easier than the labor itself, she just got almost bored with that part. I hope I can go a little slower!!!


Beth - January 18

You should talk to your dr also about your fears. Ashley N is right about the slow pushing. Your dr should be able to guide you as to when to kind of stop pushing so hard and he can guide the baby out. I think we only hear of storys where people tear. No one really says that they didn't! Everyone just tells ya the horror stories!


sarahlorrain - January 18

I tore with both of my children. I had an epi, so I didn't even feel it happen, much less any pain. The doc st_tched it up before the epi wore off, so I didn't feel that either. I didn't have any pain from it afterward for that matter. Tearing for me was not a big deal at all.


andrea - January 18

I think all of the possible outcomes are common. Tearing, needing an episiotomy, or neither. I had to have a fourth degree episiotomy-like mel- and I was cut from hole to hole and my daughter only weighed 6lbs.3oz. I'm not trying to give a horror story, i'm just trying to give it to you straight. You're either going to be big enough or you're not- when the time comes you won't care what happens as long as it's helping the baby come out!! Yes I did have a terrible episiotomy, but I had a very EASY labor. I've always told everyone that labor was a peice of cake it was the recovery afterwards(2 weeks) that were painful.



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