Afraid To Be Induced

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HEATHER - March 5

anyone else in the same boat? As much as I wanna see my little guy I am so afraid to be induced, I was 16 days over with my dd and the NMW wont let me go more than 7/10 days this time, and Im just afraid he wont come before then, I know my dd's due date was right casue I had 2 early on u/s that checked for dating. So that makes me worry that this one wont come that quick either, I would much rather go into labor naturally and beable to try to deal with it than have to be strapped to a bed with iv's and a epidural cause the contractions are un bearable, or worse yet need a c-section cause the baby cant handle the induction...


momofboyz - March 5

I was induced with my second son and it was wonderful. I went in at about 4:00 and had an epidural as soon as I felt the contractions and had my son my 9:30. I didn't feel a thing and the labor went smooth. I only pushed for about 10 minutes. I was great! Don't worry!


cubbie - March 5

I was induced with my dd and it was great as the labour was so quick, I was induced at 6.30am started to get contractions at about 9.30am, the contractions were very close and intense so I was given the epidural early (1 1/2 cm) and from then didn't feel a thing and had dd less at 3pm! So don't worry!!!!


Gretta - March 5

I am getting induced on wed! I am so excited to not be pregnant anymore that I am no longer scared LOL! Hang in there it will be fine.


vanja10 - March 5

heather - i was induced last wednesday... it did take a while for it to work, but my labour in itself was only 2.5 hours.. i started the induction on wed at 4:30 pm.. they had me on iv till 10 pm.. then i had to spend the night at the hospital. thursday, i got induced again at 10:30 am.. I was getting contractions every 3 minutes, but wasn't feeling them at all. at 8 pm is when i went into active labour and my little boy as born at 10:37 pm. I didn't have an epidural and it wasn't so bad.. he was a big boy at 8 lbs and 12 ounces and 23 inches long. I kinda didn't mind being in the hospital cuz you knew that ur baby will come sooner than later, plus the nurses are so nice.. :) everything was good except for hospital food. Good luck with urs!


lunamoo - March 5

Why is your docs justification to induce you!?! it is your choice and if all is going well, you can simply say NO and let nature takes its course. My m/w told me that actually 41 weeks plus 5 days is the average time for a pregnancy and that one can easily and safely go over 2 weeks with no worry if all shows well...good luck!!!


pebblesnbambam - March 5

I was induced with my son and I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ended up with C-section due to position of son.. but the contractions came on sooo bad with the pitocen... I am hoping for a VBAC this go round and going to try to go without induction and without meds... we'll see how far I get.. but that is my hopes!


crystal74 - March 5

i am in the same boat, i'm getting induced on thursday and a little scared of how hard the contractions might come. i got a non-stress test today and during the 20 or 30 minutes i had two big contractions that i did not feel. but she said they lasted a good 90 seconds and were big. why wouldn't i feel it then? but i'm 40 weeks and measuring 45 weeks. baby has been measuring larger all along, so we're expec ting a 9-10 pounder and probably 22-23 inches long. i'll let you know but they grow them big on my husbands side, lol. since he is big i'm planning on an epideral.


Logansmom - March 5

I am 34wks and this whole time I have not wanted to be induced, but I have started watching all the baby shows....Baby Story, House of Babies, Birth Day, and Bringing Home Baby and they have changed my mind. If it comes down to it I will go that route. Those shows have helped me a lot and have prepared me quite a bit.


Selena - March 6

I have had 2 inductions now with my last one being just a week ago (baby boy) and both were wonderful. The first took 5.5 hours start to finish and the most recent was only 3.75 hours with 2 pushes to get him out. The contractions are pretty bad with the pitocin but as long as you are positive and open to pain meds than all will be well. I don't plan on having any more children but if I were to get pregnant inductions no longer scare me!


Ciarasmom - March 8

I had to be induced because my blood pressure was too high. I might just have a high pain tolerance but I thought it was great. I had no drugs of any kind and my labour was only 5 hrs. The contractions only got really bad when it was about 1/2 hr before it was time for me to push. Once I had the urge to push the pain of the contractions went away. Call me crazy but I can't wait to experience it again in 2yrs.


chrissi79 - March 9

I was induced with my daughter and was a little nervous about that too...well it happened so quickly that I didn't really have too much time to be nervous. I went for my check up one day before my due date and was already dialated 2cm and had HBP so I was sent right over to the hospital. To tell you the truth I had a very good labor - only 7hrs after they broke my water, and all natural until right before I pushed, which was lovely b/c I felt not pain when she was coming out!! LOL I had one TERRIBLE hour but it went by so quickly b/c of the speed of my contractions. That was b/c of the pitocin too...speeds them up...I'd rather have a fast hard labor than a long drawn out one...


KitCat - March 17

I was induced on a Monday at 5 am and ended up being rushed in for emergency c-section at 6am Wed., 20 hours after having my water broken. My son was over 10 lbs when born. The pitocen, breaking of waters and epidural were a breeze though, he just wouldn't move down because of his size. And you're not strapped to the bed, not sure if you meant that literally or not, lol. I actually was able to get a little sleep after the epidural. Good luck to you!


toot_toot - March 18

me too. my due date isn't until tuesday, on the 20th, but i'm sooo big and he isnt here yet! my dr. was saying that if i haven't delivered by tuesday then she's going to talk to me about induction, which i dont want! i'm def. going to get an epidural though, if they induce me.


madison - March 18

getting induced tomorrow morning at 5:30am with my first! defiintley nervous but excited to finally see her, too. just trying to remember women do this everyday and hope for the best!



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