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aaaaaaaaaa - March 2

I know if you deliver va___ally, doctors/nruses will check "down there" quite often to see how everything looks, after delivery. What about c-sections? Do they still check you super often, or no? Sorry if this is a dumb question!


sahmof3 - March 2

I've had 3 c-sections and they don't do an internal check or look "down there" at all (until your 6 week pp check-up)... they do check the incision site several times/ day.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 2

Thats the answer I was hoping for. Thanks!


xoxticiaxox - March 2

Oh no, they check down there alot? I dont like that. My hospital said I was able to leave 8 hours after I give birth if everything is normal...I just have to bring the baby back 24 hours later for one last test....How often do they check? And like what do they do when they check?


aaaaaaaaaa - March 2

Ive never had a baby before b___ttt from what I hear they'll check you to see if youre swollen, how your st_tches are if you have any, etc etc...


DDT - March 2

I delivered v____ally and I wasn't checked once "down there" by a nurse after the birth. They did feel my belly constantly to make sure my uterus was "shrinking" correctly. They gave me a squirt bottle to clean after every pad change or pee.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 2

Interesting, it must vary by the hospital you're at or your specific condition, I guess. All I know is Ive got a few nurse friends who tell me how much they hate working on the postpartem ward because they have to check all these women who just want to be left alone at that point!


iemc19 - March 2

I've had 3 children v____ally too and was never once checked down below after the birth until the 6 week check up...As DDT says they feel the stomach to make sure everything is ettling back okay...But I should add I'm in the UK and they do quite a bit differently over here...


iemc19 - March 2

Oh and I've never had any st_tches down below - or tears or such that need checking - that might be different...


Tammy276 - March 2

Around here, they just check when they push on your belly to see how much you are bleeding and if there is any clotting...they don't check on the swelling or stiches because what can they do about that? THey have to make sure your uterus is shrinking (pushing on your belly) and make sure it is healing properly, which they can tell by the amount of blood....lf you are bleeding too much, they need to give you a shot to help the uterus shrink and help ease the bleeding...but its not like they are doing an internal, they just look...and after you have had a baby, you really don't care anymore at that point.


DownbutnotOUT - March 2

I have had 3 csections and was never once given an internal until 6 weeks later, they did chekc my incision and stables often to ensure no tearing or unusual leakage is happening.


cindernar - March 2

I had an episiotomy, and I think they check just to make sure that's looking OK -- no infection, loose st_tches, etc. I would rather be checked a few times then have to deal with an infected "area."



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