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topper42 - September 25

Oh my when did you guys loose your mucous plug? Today I wiped and there was this greenish stringy glob? It wasn't a lot just a little but it was nothing like the normal discharge. Was this my mucous plug? I'm only 33weeks along and am far from ready !


TiffanyRae - September 25

Aloha! You can loose your mucus plug early and not go into labor. I lost mine at 34 weeks and didn't have my baby until 42 weeks!!! The doctor said your body can produce another mucus plug or you can loose just a portion of your plug. Hope this helps!


DDT - September 25

Keep in mind you can lose part of your mucus plug in stages, and it can even re-generate. I started losing my plug at about 35wks, and had my son at 39w6d. Losing your mucus plug does not always mean you will be in labour soon. Don't worry!


Buffi R. - September 25

I'm on my second pregnancy and never saw my first mucous plug so I'm not sure exactly what it should look like, but if yours had a green tinge to it, you might want to mention that to your doctor. That could be a sign of a v____al infection, and an untreated v____al infection could definitely put you into pre-term labor, that I know first hand. Good luck!


Mommyoflittlegirl - September 25

I agree with Buffi R. CHECK W/ YOUR DOCTOR. I had the same thing, and it was infection and I had my little girl at 29 weeks. Not trying to scare you, just call your doc. Good luck


DDT - September 25

Your mucus plug can have a yellow, clear or green tinge to it. It doesn't neccessarily mean its an infection. Mine also had a green tinge to it. I was diagnosed with BV at 14 wks but was given antibiotics to clear it up. I also was diagnosed with GBS...maybe that's why there is a green tinge?? It's always a good thing to check with your doc anyway. The worst that will happen I think is that you may have BV and will be given antibiotics.


jenna32 - September 26

i notice the same thing every now and then a little bit of that kind of discharge,i wasn't sure if it was the mucus plug. Maybe we're just losing it gradually,it could be better then getting a huge glob later on!



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