Air Tight

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Lulu - November 2

Hi everyone,i am 28 weeks and i feel like everything has stopped moving around me. I have this breathing difficulty and it seems the air around me too does not circulate any longer. my dr says all is well but i am worried i just dont breath well.Anyone feeling same.


Kerri - November 2

Hi Lulu, I have the same problem and from what I have read in some books that its not uncommon depending on how large your belly is to have a hard time breathing. I believe it is because until the baby drops down your uterus maybe still pushed up in your rib area which is making it hard to breathe. I find that even sometimes going up and down six steps we have at home feels like I ran a marathon and I will be 32 weeks this week and I started to feel that way at about 28 weeks as well. I can ask my OB when I have my next appointment on Tuesday for his opinion and let you know. In the meantime I find if it gets really bad I just sit down and relax until I can catch my breath. Good luck!


Elizabeth - November 2

I have had the same problem most of my pregnancy. I have asthma that was under control until I became pregnant and I now have to see a pulmonologist. I have a hard time getting a deep breath and I am easily winded. I am 36 weeks and have gained about 30 lbs throughout my pregnancy and I still try to take long walks for exercise. If you have no history of allergys or asthma it is probably just the pressure of the baby and extra weight that your body has to adjust to. To be safe I would talk to your o.b. mine wanted to make sure the baby was getting enough oxygen.I hope it gets better for you, good luck.


kris A. - November 2

For me it was like breathing through a regulator ( for any other divers out there...) no matter how deep you breathe you feel short. It's also caused by the increased blood flow making your body work harder to get the blood around... as Kerri says, when the baby drops it'll get better, so hang in there...


Lulu - November 3

Thanks Kerri,i must say its not easy.anyway no one ever said it was going to be easy. Kris, at this stage do u really think we have a choice .i am hanging in there....Courage


:o) - November 3

It is not uncommon to have restricted breathing while pregnant due to baby pushing against your . . . . . . ??? I'm sorry, I can't remember what it is called, but it is pushing on something that restricts breathing! I know this doesn't help, but wanted to let you know it's normal.


Tami - November 4

The baby pushes against your diaphram. When I was in my late third trimester I would walk up a flight of stairs and be gasping for air at the tops, sometimes feeling as if I was going to black out-as soon as I had my baby that was the end of that.



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