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bethrose - January 29

I'm 7 months peggo and I have had a glass of wine recently here and there because my fiance thinks I need to relax and he thought one would be okay, but then I feel guilty like it's my job to only eat the healthiest I can for this period of time. I wont be doing this again, but I want to know if there is any damage I could have done to the what would it be. I'm a first time mom.


candaceann1 - January 29

I read that an occasional gla__s of wine is ok. We as pregnant women are so concerned about what we put into our bodies but yet when its time to deliver, we scream for drugs??? I'm more worried about the longterm effects from an epidural that a little gla__s of wine.


chriss - January 29

On one hand I agree with candaceann1, but then on the other hand, there is a reason why the say no alcohol or drugs whatsoever and it's because they don't know what the affects will be on an unborn child There are other ways to relax, you could have had a cup of tea or a warm bath. Just my opinion.............


kerryv - January 29

my doctor said it was fine. red wine epecially is good for circulation. it is recommended in europe. if you feel guilty or are not comfortable having an occasional gla__s than dont. but i am sure your baby is fine!


Tammy276 - January 29

I am sure your baby is fine. My doctor o.k.'d me to have a gla__s of red wine or a beer every once in a while (just no hard liquor).. If you feel guilty about it, then don't do it, but I"m sure it is fine. I have had a few beers throughout my pregnancy and I am 31w and I'm not going to let anyone make me feel guilty about it either.


ejmeskan - January 29

Bethrose- this is your baby and your body. I have heard on SO many occasions that you should just have a gla__s of wine to relax. All of our mothers probably did it- I know my mom did. I agree with Chriss in the sense that they say NO alcohol because they don't know how much can affect the baby- but 1 gla__s isn't going to hurt. Remember- at 7 months your baby is fully developed- just needs to grow! All of this said and I haven't done it yet because I am to chicken! haha!


MB - January 29

Hi, i have had the occa__sional drink too and i did with my 5 year old too, i usually pour half a gla__s of wine and then add soda water to it. If you were drinking every other night then that would be different. In this day and age they have you scared to death of what you can and cannot do, and all the labour remedies, ie castor oil etc.... were fine years ago and all of a sudden you cant do that either. I heard red wine is the best too and in my opinion i wouldnt worry. Good luck.


crystal74 - January 29

i'm sure it's okay but why would you risk it and why would your husband encourage you?


SaraH - January 29

While I personally do not think that you should drink during pregnancy, b/c why take the risk? I would have to say that the occasional gla__s of wine you've had is probably fine. As long as you haven't been guzzling it and having 3 or 4 gla__ses at a time, your baby is probably just fine. While you could certainly mention it to your doc and get their opinion and to rea__sure yourself, I would have to say the chances are that your baby is just fine


jldaniels - January 30

My mid wife told me to have a half a gla__s of red wine before bed. Said the alchohol content is not that high and it would help me to relax and let my body take its natural course. I have already started dialating and am 37 weeks pregnant and she said the more relaxed I am the better my labor will progress and that anxiety and tension fights against labor progression.


redhead125 - January 30

It is fine. My doctor said a small gla__s of wine (measure it--a serving of wine is 4 oz) every so often is ok. Some weeks I have none, other weeks I have 1 or 2 drinks. Just make sure you're drinking lots of water. God knows we need all the help we can get to relax! If a pregnant woman doesn't deserve a drink once in a while, then I don't know who does!


crystal74 - January 30

i personally do not believe any dr. would tell you to drink while your pregnant but i'm sure if you asked your dr. they would probably tell you that one little gla__s every once in a while is okay. but then again why risk it. baby is constantly developing and I wouldn't want to interfer or stop that. and if something was wrong with the baby after birth, you wouldn't be able to live with yourself and always be thinking, what if i didn't drink? there are other ways to relax. like taking a warm bubble bath with some of your favorite tunes playing and some good smelly candles lite. that's one of my fav's.


candaceann1 - January 30

One thing I am sure of is as soon as this baby is born I am having one HUGE margarita!!!lol!!!


Gretta - January 30

I am right there with you on the margaritas once the baby is born!! On the rocks with Salt!



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