Alcohol At Couples Baby Shower

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NeedYourHelp - August 22

My girlfriend is throwing my husband and me a couples baby shower. At first it was going to be just women, but changed to a couples when she suggested it. And then she said that since it was going to be a couples shower she will have beer for the people to drink. What do you guys think of that? Do you think I should ask her that we not have alcohol at the baby shower? If so, what would be a nice way of asking that no alcohol be served?


Jennifer - August 22

Personally, I wouldnt want alcohol at my baby shower. If it was a wedding shower or something like that it would be okay, but it just dont seem appropriate at a baby shower. Most importantly, what do you think? Do you want there to be alcohol or would you prefer there not to be? It should be up to you. If not just simply and politely tell her that you would prefer there not be alcohol. Alcohol tends to take away the purpose of events. Do you really want drunk peolpe (even if only 1 person gets drunk) at your baby shower? You're gonna have to make the decision. Best of luck to you! :-)


Sindel - August 22

I wouldnt mind there being alcohol at a baby shower.. Perhaps a bottle of wine to toast the expecting couple? As long as it is only a social drink or two. I personally would expect that the people attending my baby shower to have the maturity and respect to not get wasted. It really depends on your personal opinion and of course the guest list. =) Other suggestions for drinks would be a Punch Bowl, or Virgin drinks. Strawberry daquiri's or margaritas without the alcohol do taste just as good. I dont think there will be any disappointment if there wasnt alcohol served anyway. If there was then they shouldnt be there celebrating with you.. they should go to a bar. Hope this helps.


HP - August 22

We had alcohol at our couple baby shower. It was on a sunday afternoon, so no one was drunk. The girls didn't drink, just the guys in the backyard while BBQ-ing. It was fine.


A - August 22

I just had my baby shower and my husband took beer to the shower and the guys drank it but no one drank too much. I think most people at a baby shower would have the good sense to know how much to drink. Our shower was also early, around 1:00pm, too early to be getting drunk. There was no problems.


Jamie - August 23

We had strawberry daquiris at my baby shower; most of them were "virgin" because several of the guests were underage, but we also had the "fun" kind for a few people.


Beth - August 23

I had a couples shower also, and not only did we have alcohol, we had a keg!! Not that we are big partiers at all, but my fiance is Mexican so he has a BIG family, the keg was in the backyard on the patio, along with the men and everyone just mingled. No offense to anyone on here, but any party that includes Mexicans it a big party, and we are definitly not ghetto people, it was just fun to bring everyone together!!


Jo - August 23

I remember what it was like to go to a baby shower not preg, and I enjoyed having a gla__s of wine or two. We may be tea-toddling, but it doesn't mean everyone else has to, and I don't think an afternoon baby shower lends itself to drunk and disorderly conduct.


Julie - August 23

We had wine at my baby shower


Jenn - August 23

I would just say that you feel uncomfortable having alcohol at your shower and that you would prefer not to have it. I think it's silly anyways that people feel the need to drink at every function that they go too. Not stating that in your situation but some of these other posts are ridiculous.


pbj - August 23

Most of the couple showers I have attended did have beer and wine. Since they're usually afternoon parties or BBQ's; most people socially drink. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get drunk at one. I know when I wasn't pregnant it was nice to have a gla__s of wine or beer at a baby shower. I would think most people are responsible enough to not over do it.


Beth - August 23

Jenn, people are grown adults at a very laid back baby shower, I myself have never seen anyone get out of control or even drunk, it is social driking. And by your comment "some of the other posts on here are ridiculous" I am going to take that as mine being, WELL, there were over 100 people at my baby shower, so unless you offer to pay for what I would like there I suggest you don't put people down.


Carol - August 23

I had a co ed family and close friends shower on a saturday afternoon. There was bbq, shower games, and drinking games. I did not participate in the drinking games, but it was fun to watch my dad, brothers, husband and Bil see who could down a whole beer from a baby bottle first. Of course we used the newborn nipple size it made it much more difficult and it was a lot of fun. There were some inebriated people there by the end of the night, but my family (and my husband's) is big on parties. We all had a great time the last guest left about 10 PM--to continue the party elsewhere. Fine with me, I was beat but it was really enjoyable and I have the pictures to prove it. Friends and family still rave about it being one of the best showers they've ever been to.


To Beth- - August 23

It's funny that you have to say that Beer=Fun. As far as what you did at your shower I could care less, you want to tack it up, then be my guest. I just was stating an opinion which is the same thing that you were stating. IF she doesn't want to have alcohol there she doesn't have too. If you do then that's your issue. I just think it's silly to equate a good time with drinking which is exactly what you said.


Beth - August 23

this must be to Jenn who posted to me, I never said beer=fun, I said it was fun to bring everyone together, which could have been done without beer. and you are right, I was stating an opinion, of my own shower, you however did not need to throw in the "some of these other posts are ridiculous", leave that comment to yourself!! talk about your own shower, do not put other people's posts down!


Cara - August 23

We will have alcohol at our couples shower and I would actually prefer it to be that way. We have having it on a Saturday with a bunch of close friends who are local and I don't see anything wrong with it. We are all responsible adults and why should no one else have a drink just because I cannot. It's fine with me but I guess that it's a personal decision. I had an earlier shower with family and there was alcohol there, too. It's a social event and I guess that I would personally equate banning alcohol with someone who does not have it at their wedding because they don't like it - I've actually been to a wedding like this. Just my opinion is all.... One other thing I might add is that we are in our 30's and know that no one will get out of control. If you know that you have friends who will get wasted, then maybe you would want to factor that into your decision.


J - August 23

When I invite people to my home even though I am pregnant I still like to offer them a drink. Since I have been pregnant all summer we have had a few family & friends get togethers and I have had wine & beer for everyone else. I don't mind anyone else relaxing with a drink. We served wine at my all female shower and I didn't even notice.



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