Alcohol In Breast Milk

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JA - July 13

I am just wondering how long alcohol stays in br___tmilk. I have heard that you do not have to pump out you milk if you consume alcohol, that the alcohol lust evaporates out after 24 hours. Is this correct or do I need to pump and throw out the milk? I hate asking this question because i feel like a bad mom to even think of having a drink, but you know once in awhile I just feel like having a couple of drinks. Please help if you can.


Huh - July 13

Good questin I was wondering the same thing. I think if you decide to have a night of drinking that you would just have to pump. I would like to know for sure. Im not even going to lie, cus I can't wait to have a corona with a lime and salt.mmmmmmm-Kel


MichelleB - July 13

I am with you girls. I cannot wait for a gla__s of red wine. I have read in the b___stfeeding section that if you have one drink after you b___stfeed, you will be fine to b___stfeed again at next feeding (so 3-4 hours), and you do not have to pump. My b___stfeeding cla__s is next week, so hopefully I will know more by then!


Jenny - July 13

NO, NEVER pump and dump! It is a gigantic WASTE of perfectly suitable milk. BTW, alcohol and drugs do not evaporate out of the body, a small percentage leaks into the mammory glands; however, it is more beneficial to just give your child the b___stmilk than to disgard it. First, you'll have to feed your child formula because of a missed feed and second, even though there may be some alcohol present, your b___st milk is RICH in antibodies and nutrients not found in any other source in this world. The pros outweigh the cons. Plus, things such as gripe water and baby meds, all have trace amounts of alcohol anyways and they are perfectly safe to give to infants. For the small percentage of alcohol that may get to the baby, it is not worth dumping. So ENJOY your occasional gla__s of wine, it's not going to hurt the baby. Guaranteed!


Karen - July 17

I was told that a gla__s of wine takes about 90 minutes to travel through to b___st milk but that only trace amounts would even be available to the baby. I plan to have a gla__s shortly after the baby feeds. I think that this will be fine.


Maleficent - July 18

the guidelines my lactation consultant gave me were that if you are sober enough to drive then you are sober enough to b___stfeed. a gla__s or two (depending on how you are normally effected by alcohol) will not harm you or your baby. pumping and dumping is NOT nessisary but it's a good idea to have a few expressed ounces ready in case baby needs to eat while you're feeling tipsy. i nursed my daughter for 16 months and managed to drink like a responsible adult. it takes a little planning ahead but there is no reason to deny yourself a gla__s of wine....or that margarita you've been craving for the past 9 months. ;o)



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