Aleathia Mae Is Here

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shannon5980 - February 15

My baby girl is finally here. I went to the doctors on Monday the 12th and I was 3 cm dilated and 40 percent effaced. He stripped my membranes for me. That night around 11 pm I had a bloody show and started to have mild contractions . I pretty much labored all day and at 7:30 pm on the 13th I started to get really uncomfortable so I went up to hospital. The nurse checked me and said I didnt have any change in my cervix so they gave me 2 ambien (sleeping meds) and said go home and take these..if its true labor you are going to wake up in full force labor but if its not then you should sleep and the contractions you are having should subside. I was very upset that I was being sent home. I mean this is my fourth child I new I was in labor and couldnt believe my contractions were not doing anything. Anyways I went home and took the 2 pills and felt very dizzy afterwards. within a hour my contractions started coming fast and hard. I went right back up to the hospital and the nurse checked me and said i was 6 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced so of course they admitted me now. I was very happy about that. They broke my water and I labored for a while. At 3:30 am on the 14th they checked me again and i was on 7 cm dilated. I could not believe i was progressing so slow. Well all of a sudden I hit my transition stage I felt a HUGE amount of pressure and began to have a bad case of the shakes I told the nurse at 4am on the 14th that she needed to check me again she did and I was 10. I was so happy that I went from 6 to 10 in 30 mins. I pushed for 14 minutes until my daughter Aleathia Mae was born at 4:14 am on valentines day. She weighted in at a whooping 8 lbs and 11 oz. I couldnt believe biggest baby was 7lbs 3 oz. She is so perfect and has a head full of hair. Good luck to the waiting mommys out here.


dedaa - February 16

Congrats! I love her name so pretty. Not much of our gang left now to have their babies. Good luck to u and enjoy your baby girl!


shannon5980 - February 18

thank you, I am enjoying here...she is such a doll. I hope you are bonding well with your new arrival also.



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