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tish212 - December 21

I went to my regular appt on monday dec 17th and upon doing my blood pressure the nurse ran out and got the dr..who came in and tested me again ..she then told me to head straight to the hospital.... so freaked out I called dh on my way to the hospital (5 min from drs office and 5 mins from dhs work) and he agreed to meet me there...we get upstairs to l&d and they hooked me up and monitored my bp...once they removed the machines I put my jacket on figuring I was being sent home...and then the dr who was scheduled to deliever my baby on the 28th pops in and says "well we need to do an internal to see where we r starting from" I was so confused...and after the exam (i was closed and 50% effaced) he explained that I was suffering preeclampsia that my blood work came back messed up and my bp was way up... so at 3pm I was in a room getting my first dose of cervidil and by 5 the contractons started as a mild cramp... they removed the first cervidil at 2am and gave me ambian to 8am the next day I was inserted with another dose of cervidil...the contractions were strong and quite painful...but going nowhere by 6pm that night I was still closed and 50% so they removed the cervidil and the dr said either we do a csection now or we could be looking at days more of this since ur not dilating one bit. by then the contractions had worn me out mentally...through each contraction I was breathing the spelling of the names we chose... so they quickly wheeled me into the or..where I received my epi...(which I didn't even notice!) and within 10 mins of getting inside the or.(6:58pm) little girl was out and crying her lungs out. I had dh go with her to be weighed and bathed etc...and I could hear her crying her eyes out the whole time... ;) once we got back to the room my epi was wearing off and the pain began while they were trying to fix my ivs..ouch! but once the pain was managed and dh and mil had their chance to hold her...I took her and placed her to my br___t....she latched on instantly...and began her first feeding! of course most of the time she was just using my br___t to pacifiy herself... she weighed in at 6lbs 9.9 oz and is 19inches long with a head measuring 13inches around...her apgar scores were 8 then at 5 mins 9.... she is everything I dreamed about at nite... she has deep slate blue eyes... and red/auburn hair...shes small and perfect... (even though she swims in all her clothes) I wouldn't trade any of it. and I will gladly go through all the pain of pregnancy and a csection (which they don't do vbachs at my hospital so next one is a csection again!) just to have such a perfect child....I am so glad she is here in time to see her first xmas! and we r going home tomorrow! I can't wait to show her, her house and hopefully she will get to see her first snow by xmas! I couldn't have asked for a better gift....thank u ladies for ur support and for listening to me whine and complain there towards the end...bless all the mommies and babies already and soon to be born! I'm gonna hold my lo again for the zillionth time....


sahmof3 - December 21

Oh my gosh! I guess that was all very unexpected! Congrats on your healthy baby girl :-)


Jilloh - December 21

congrats Tish...I know there are also states that don't allow v-bacs because of the risk. so glad alexa is here and healthy


JoJo123 - December 21

Congratulations! She was born on my b-day :) I feel bad for December babies, especially so close to xmas. They get jipped for gifts - lol. I would rather have the gifts spaced out instead all in one week :) Congrats to you, your family and your little one !


redmondsky - December 21

Congrats Tish212 - Enjoy and take it easy - HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR NEW BOO!


jennifer_33106 - December 21

OMG TISH!! I am so happy for you!!! What an unexpected and beautiful gift you got for Christmas. Congratulations hun! I cant believe that you didnt dialate at all! Did your hubby cry? Awe!! I am so happy for you and I wish you a life time of happiness with the new addition to your family!!! Congrats mama!!!


mjvdec01 - December 21

Congratulations on your little one!!!


HeavenisMine - December 21

That would have had me freaked out too, but like you I also would have gone with the c section if I was told I would have to suffer through contractions longer. Those were sooo painful!! Big congrats on your beautiful little girl. That's so exciting!! Girls are so much fun :)


Erins Mom - December 21

Congrats Tish. Definitely scary to have to rush to the hospital like that, but I'm so glad all turned out well for you three. I'm sure she's gorgeous and we all had tons of complaints these last few weeks, it was nice to have someone to chat with. Keep us posted on everything!


mary_ln - December 22

Wow! What a beautiful story; it almost made me cry (could just be the hormones :)). I love reading about the births of these babies; it makes everything that is happening so much more real.


Buffi R. - December 22

Congratulations Tish!!! It just goes to show that you never know when a baby (or your body) will decide "it's time!" Glad everything turned out great in the end. And I know what you mean about your baby swimming in all her clothes. My little girl was 6lbs 15oz and she actually fit into some of my son's old preemie clothes! Glad I had those! Had to buy lots of newborn size clothes at a consignment shop because all the gift clothes I got were 0-3 mos or larger and none of it fit her. :-) Enjoy the holidays!!!


durante baby - December 23

WOW! congrats TIsh.... I have been worried about you! thank you for letting us know, cause I really was starting to worry....Im sorry it ended in the c-section...but you dont seem to care now the she is here!



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