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musicbaby - October 11

Well he has arrived!!! 7lb (smaller than expected) on the 10/10 at 0:09 in the morning. He is just so cute and cannot believe that he is really ours! Have just got home from the hospital. Well the labour was a mamoth 32 hours. Pretty much started straight in at 5 min contractions and stayed there the whole time. Went into hospital after 14 hours at home, still only at 2cm. Once in hospital went to 6 cm pretty quickly but stayed there right until the end when had to have an epidural due to my blood pressure and a drip to help the contractions along...... it was a VERY long day and night at hospital but once we had reached 10cm pushed him out within 20 min. Not quite what we had wanted as far as our birth plan but at the end really didnt care and just wanted him out! Even though it was so long and I was so tired the moment I saw him all was forgotten. He scored an apgar of 9 at birth then 10 at five min..... just perfect and well worth the wait! Am now so excited to get 4 hours sleep but dont care about that. Thank you all for answering my questions and being there when I just needed a laugh. Hope that all of your babies are just as perfect and that your labours are not as long! :-) GL!


chickiepoo9 - October 11

congrats, glad that you have a healthy little boy!


staci - October 11

congratulations musicbaby! good to hear everyone is happy and healthy!


crrodgers - October 11

YAY Musicbaby! Congrats! Let us know if you have a site where you can post pics!


Pearl - October 11

Congratulations! Are you going to try again any time soon?.. lol


WP - October 12

Congrats, musicbaby! Glad to hear you're both doing well. GL


tarheelfan71 - October 13

Congratulations on your new little baby. Im glad to hear he's doing well.


josie4 - October 13

Congrats, that's wonderful!!!!!!! :D


Erins Mom - October 13

Wow 32 hours! What a trooper! Best of luck and congrats on a healthy baby boy!


docbytch - October 14

Very cool!!!! My complete sympathies for that awfully long labor!! Yikes!!!! Aren't you glad it's over????



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