All Natural Birth

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keziah - October 4

this is my first and i'm going to do it all natural, i just wanted to know what i'm in for and what i should expect, thanks


chickiepoo9 - October 4

it depends on your labour and how you deal with pain i wanted to do it naturally with my son and i did and it wasnt bad until those last few centimeters from like 7-10 i was just about vomiting with each contractions because of the pain but those last few centimeters went really fast once i started pushing it was much better it is hard and it will hurt but it is doable for sure good luck i plan on having this one naturally as well.


tryin44 - October 4

I have had three all natural and plan on doing my fourth also but lately I have entertained trying the epidural just for arguments sake. I always hear how labor is l;abor and the experience is the same but I don['t buy it. I figure I have my bragging rights and so now if I go with meds I will have the knowledge of both. I'm sure I will have people mad over this but it is how I feel. I still haven't decided for sure because this is my last and if I do the epidural and it ruins my birth I will be very p__sed. As for what to expect PAIN but if you stay calm and remember when you think you can't take anymore that usually means you are almost there. I have had three difficult labors all big and and my first took over two hours of pushing. I also have two heriated disks and have terrible back labor. If you put your mind to it and be stubborn you will be fine. Also, make sure everyone in that room is in agreement because if not they may sway you. My sister wanted to go natural and her husband wasn't so sure so when she got to the painful stuff he was no help and she caved in. She was very dissapointed in the whole thing. She is now due the same day as me and has told her husband he better be stronger for her this time.


cfuller - October 4

I haven't had any babies yet but I also plan on doing a natural birth. I really want to and my dh thinks i'm crazy for not wanting an epidural but I keep telling him that it's my body and my choice. I think I would probably yell at him if he tried to change my mind while i'm delivering! It's going to be good that my mom will be there too. She had all four of her kids natural and is very supportive of my decision.


waitngformyangel - October 4

hey guys. well im 17 and this is my fist. im having a little girl named bella. im due november so excited.anyway. i also plan on going natural. like ill be very p__sed at myself if i cave in and get drugged or what i havent had time to go to any prenatal cla__ses cause of school. but i heard that they help... i obviously know to expect A LOT of pain. but i did watch a video that was like a birthing cla__s. it was funny and very helpful. and i learned a lot of things that i didnt know. some stuff i already knew cause i have been researching and google-ing ever since i found out i was pg. anyway in the vid she said to to be set on like a focal point? just dont take your eyes off it and really concentrate hard so it kinda distracts you from the pain also i heard that the breathing techniques really help easing pain too.well im kinda just rambling take care and god bless.


gaudior - October 4

trying44- I have two herniated disks too and had terrible back labor. From your experience, do you think it was because the baby was positioned wrong or because of the disks? Did you have any labors without back labor? I'd like to know what may be in store before I try again! Keziah- be sure to read up on breathing, relaxation, ma__sage and positioning techniques, that way you can try different things to ease the pain. I tried to focus on the Power of my body and the Intensity of the experience, but after a while I was just enduring. By the time you're thinking "I can't take anymore" that's usually a good sign because you're about ready to push. There are also ma__sage techniques that helped some- very gently stroking my stomach under the belly b___ton from the center out during each contraction helped a lot for a while. I also had a CD of ocean sounds that we played the whole time which helped set a less hospital-like atmosphere, and I spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi tub. If you have a supportive birthing partner, that really helps too, even if they may not have any experience or know just what to say. Best of luck to you!


lmk - October 5

I'm having my first, and I"m planning on going natural. I'm going to have a doula there and I've also taken one birthing cla__s. From what I've learned, it really helps if you tell your partner to encourage there comes a time (close to the end) when you feel like you can't do it anymore. Also, tell the nurses to NOT offer you anything unless you ask for it...otherwise someone constantly tempting you may break your will, as you need support in YOUR decision, not someone trying to undermine it when you're at your most vulnerable. Get a book that shows different positions, and practice them at home with your partner. You'll probably go through different ones as you get bored with them or they stop working for you. Squatting positions are supposed to help since they open you up a lot more than lying down and gravit works with you. My doula suggested having more than a couple of CD's of music, because if your labor lasts for hours, you may get bored with hearing the same songs over and over! I'm going to put some music on an MP3 player. Good luck to all of us!


DaBonkElsMe - October 5

I just have a question for you girls, what is the reasoning for wanting to go "all natural"? I'm not trying to be rude at all, I just don't get the appeal, and I am wondering if I am missing something. Both my female doctors and the midwife had epidurals during all of their births, so that lead me to believe that if it were safer, or better in some way, to do it without meds, they (as doctors) would have tried it the natural way. I have not laid out my birth plan yet, so in reading this thread, I was just wondering what the reasoning is behind wanting an all natural birth.


Erins Mom - October 5

DaonksElsMe, I have had a labor both completely natural and one with an epidural, and I can HONESTLY say that I would pick natural every time from now on. The experience was just so much better for me naturally....sure it hurt, but it was manageable, I was FINE in between contractions and I healed after the birth so much faster than I did with my first with the epi. For me, it just came down to researching the risks a__sociated with the epi and other interventions that I wanted to avoid and could do so by having a natural childbirth (and I don't mean just without drugs, I mean little to no interventions whatsoever). Yes, there are risks with everything, but I chose to avoid them and had a wonderful experience. I also educated myself a lot on what to expect, relaxation techniques (I practiced the Bradley Method - wonderful!), and laboring positions to try while in labor. I couldn't have done it without my husband, doula and all the cla__ses, research, and practice I put into it, not just during labor. As for your midwives and doctors, just because they did it does not necessarily mean it was the safer way to do. I could site a bunch of studies for you that say the opposite, but then you could do the same and we'd be in the same spot. If your curious I'd just research the risks a__sociated with all the interventions you want (or consider routine) and check them out for yourself. You might be surprised. And don't worry, I don't consider it rude, just a question. Oh, and ladies a focal point never helped me, but the birthing ball, jacuzzi tub, and counter pressure (I had a 16 hour long back labor for my natural one) were what did it for me. Try and relax through the contractions, not tense up (I know it's easier said than done) and let your body work through them and it'll help speed your labor along instead of fighting it. Good luck.


DaBonkElsMe - October 5

Isn't the Bradley Method the one where you actually "feel" everything and focus your attention inward rather than on some outward object like Lamaze teaches? I haven't taken any cla__ses, just researched online, in books, etc. So basically going natural is about avoiding unnecessary risks? I can get behind that, but in my research I have found only a few, very unlikely, unwanted side effects a__sociated with epidurals, and similarly, higher risks a__sociated with having very little to no intervention. I guess there are risks no matter what, and it all comes down to what you feel is best for you. Well, good luck to you girls, i still haven't completely decided what I want, but I must say I have been leaning towards the epi.


Erins Mom - October 5

Well, when you are going natural your going to "feel" everything no matter what. But really the Bradley method teaches all kinds of relaxation methods and it's up to you during your pregnancy to practice them all and figure out before labor which ones work for you and which ones don't....that way you have some kind of idea of what will just irritate the c___p out of you before your husband tries it! For me, it's all about avoiding unneccessary risks and just doing what my body knows how to do already, which is give birth, it's not about some sense of being a hero or hey, look how much pain I can take. No one likes pain, and if they do, theres something wrong with them! It's just a matter of what's important to you, what your body can do (because some women need the interventions as they're body can't do the work (but this is rare) and what your ulitmate goal is. If it's for the health of you and your child, then I think no matter what your doing,your're on the right track.


claire83 - October 5

Hi i was 17 when i gave birth to my first and i wanted to do it natural it was a 16 hour labour and i did ask for an epidural about half way through but when it arrived i refused it as i just needed to gather my inner strength to suceed and i did but it was hard going she was 8lb 6oz, with my second i went natural again but it went so fast i didnt even get to think of the pain relief available to me a 4 1/2 hour labour she was 9lb 6oz, with my third i had to be induced and well that was a bad experiance for me anyway the pain seemed worse than my other labours i asked for an epidural 20 minutes into labour lol then i got checked and told its too late lol 30 minutes after i had given birth 50 minute labour from hell but i was glad it was over so fast she was 8lb 2oz, now im on my fourth and last baby another girl and debating on whether to have a pain free labour just to experiance it as tryin44 said i agree. my advice to you would be to take it as you find it labour wise stay focused and do whats right for you good luck and i hope all goes great


Steph - October 5

I had an epi with my daughter when I was 20, and when I had my son at 28 I decided to go natural. Reasons were, quite frankly, two fold. When I had my daughter, I was on state medical and didn't have to worry about copays and doc bills and hospital bills, wherein with my son I did. I figured that financally, the best way to not have the birth and pregnancy care cost an arm and a leg was to cut out things that were not necessary, i.e., epidural. I was induced at 10am and had my son at 3:19 pm. I did get a shot of Nubain in my IV to take the edge off while I was laboring because he was facing the wrong way and I had terrible back labor. I delivered him and tore and had to have an episomity. But, after I was sewed up, I felt great! Sure I as sore, but your natural endorphines kick in and it's a wonderful high. When I had my daughter, I couldn't get up and walk around on my own afterwards, because I had to wait for effects of the epi to were off and I just didn't care too much for it. Daughter weighed 6lbs 11oz (12in head) and son weighed 8lbs 7oz. (14in head). My other reason for going natural was just to say I did it....he was my last kid and I just wanted to try it! :o) Very glad I did too!


keziah - October 6

thanks for everyones input, it makes me feel better about my decision. i'm delivering at a midwife clinic so there is no option for meds and i feel like i do have a high tolerance for pain i'm also going in there with the mind frame that this is going to be alot of pain but i'm focused on the out come of holding that baby thats been in me for nine months. my litlle one is due dec 10th. good luck to everyone else


synesthesia1821 - October 6

you ladies are much braver then I am. especially since it's your first birth keziah! that must take alot of courage...very impressive, wish i had that much willpower. I'm terrified and will have to probably utilize every pain medicine i can get! =] GOOD LUCK!


alirenee86 - October 7

Well, Debonkelsme, this is my first and I'm hoping to do all natural and the reason for me is this. I don't want to deal with all of the potential side effects that can cause a domino effect along the way. I don't want anything that could potential slow down the process, baby's heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. because of medications inside you. I don't have a problem with the idea of drugs at all and feel I could use Demerol or something to take the edge off, but don't like to think about all of the monitoring after an epidural and the side effects it may cause. Yes, everybody seems to use them and it's because it's simply what people do when giving birth now, but there's certainly a whole world of people out there that give birth without epidurals and it's only a temporary thing. I feel if I can't feeel from the waist down, that it will be a harder and slower pushing process....and I HATE the idea of a long needle going into my spine. Not down with that at all!!



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