All The Aug Due Dates

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NINI - May 10

i have ask this question before but i'am so curious,now the due date makes more since to me but people often tell me that it doesnt make sice.My due date is Aug 12 and my last period was november 6,does that sound about right?


Mimi - May 10

My last period was november 5th. my due date is August 12th , so we are in the same boat....


mari - May 10

my due date is august 12th, and my last period was in October, how weird


Erin - May 10

My LMP was Nov.21, and my due date is Aug. 28th!!


NI NI - May 10



Erin - May 10

I'm not sure what I'm having....we didn't find out. My husband insisted that it be a surprize. Everyone thinks I'm having a girl...not sure though


Mimi - May 11

I am having BOY!


nm - May 11

I am due Aug 16th and I am having a girl..


jenn - May 11

my lmp was oct 30th and my due date is aug 10th. well for now at least(they seem to like to change it on me). im having a girl.


erica - May 11

My LMP was 11/3 and I am due Aug., it sounds right... I dont know what I am having . It will be a suprise! I cant wait!


Josie - May 11

Sounds right since my LMP ws Nov 19 and my due date is August 26th...we are having a boy!!!! I was hoping for a girl but now I am sooooo excited to be a mom to a little boy...hope he looks like my hubby!


Tan - May 11

We're having a boy! August 1st is my due date but my last period was Oct 30th....they changed the due date (originally Aug 9th) after my ultra sound! LOL, my doc says "the due date really means nothing, he will come when he is ready!"


tara - May 11

My EDD is Aug 8 and my last period was Nov. 01. The very fisrt ultrasound I went to at 8weeks confirmed the due date; but i have a feeling it has changed. We didn't find out what we are having. I'm trying to hold out even at the next ultra sound. :o)


Rachel - May 12

My last period was nov. 3rd and I'm due august 10th. It's my our first and we'e having a little boy :)


mari - May 18

well I am having a BOY!!!!!!


tara - May 19

congrats mari! :o) my next u/s is almost 2 weeks away but I think I will find out the s_x. Makes preparations so much easier eventhough through out the whole pregnancy I didn't want to know. are u due Aug 12? That's just a few days after me :o)


Kristin - May 19

Maybe you ladies can offer me some insight. My LMP was November 24, so I figured my due date was Aug 31, the doc says September 10, what should I tell everyone and how far along am i?



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