Almost 34 Weeks And Have Really Bad Bottom Pressure

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elizabeth - January 3

Some days i have really bad lower butt pressure, and it can hurt, it feels like the baby just dropped on it. haha..not to be gross or anything, its not really in my pelvic i feel pressure its on the backside and i just wonder why. i have an appointment tomorrow, but just seeing if any of you all have had a problem like this?


beckyjms - January 4

hiya elizabeth yes i have just started getting the same thing over the past couple of days so could you keep me posted on what the doc says plz. ;)


joni - January 4

Im 34 weeks on Friday. Me too!!! It feels strange. Like the baby is kicking in my private area. And at times it feels like he is wiggling in my b___t / v____a area. It sounds weird but I know what you both are talking about. I wonder if the baby is just kicking a nerve maybe? Keep me posted as well!!!!


elizabeth - January 6

when i went to the doctor 2 days ago i told her about it and she said that is normal. Prolly cause the baby dropped really low. but then i found out i have really high blood pressure and had to go back today to do an ultrasound, which i wasnt suppose to have another one, but i am 34 weeks today and they said the baby is around 4 lbs 8 oz. and ITS A BOY!!!, i just found out, but blood pressure has gotten better...have gained only 20 lbs so far..


Tinkerbell_62963 - December 13

I am 34 weeks pregnant and I am having alot of pressure in the v____al area does that mean that I am going to go into labor soon?


Pea Pod - December 13

I had the same feeling for a few days last week. It was very uncomfortable, it made bending over, walking, sitting uncomfortable. But then she moved and I havent felt it since. I mentioned it to my doctor and she didn't think anything of it. I think sometimes the baby just gets in a weird spot.


Hermans Mom - December 14

I have had this too. I take iron supplements which in turn make me constipated. I have had some moments where it feels like the baby is going to come out my bum or out through my v____a. I think part of my problem is that there is only so much room in there and if my colon is twisted or full then the baby pressing on it can make things hurt. Sorry to be graphic but I can't really talk about this at work...LOL I have since switched my iron to a natural source and things are a bit better in the bathroom department. BTW when I told my midwife and my ma__sage therapist (who is also a doula) about this they weren't fazed at all and suggested the change in iron source. Hopefully this is all it is for you too...there is only so much room in there!


byansmommy - December 14

i have the same problem it feels like i have to poo but i dont it just with my baby being engaged he is pushing down more and more and that is what causes it



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