Almost 37 Weeks Getting An Amnio Tomorrow I M Scared

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Scared - August 29

I was hospitalized Thursday for high blood pressure, the girl that took my blood pressure said it was 150/110 and I said "well whats gonna happen?" and she was like "Well, you could have a stroke" and she said it like it was nothing...and that got me even more scared and upset. they did tests and said everything looked normal and sent me home after about 12 hours...Today I had a check-up at the doctor's and my blood pressure was high again so she sent me right back to the hospital. when I got to the hospital, they checked it every half hour and it was fairly normal.....I was only there for maybe 3 hours and they said my blood pressure was okay and the tests were all normal. Well my doc told me that I have to go and get an amniocentesis done tomorrow to see if the babys lungs are developed and if they are, they are going to induce me wednesday or thursday.....I've heard there are risks with an amnio and I'm scared to get it but it doesn't look like I have a choice...has anyone else had this happen to them where they have had high blood pressure so they had an amnio done at around 37 weeks and did everything turn out okay?


miranda - August 29

I'm not completely sure, but I believe the risks a__sociated with amnios are in the second trimester when there is a chance they will cause miscarriage. I think they are usually okay as long as the one doing it knows what they are doing, because if you go into labor now the chance of the baby being fine is excellent. You don't want to mess around with preeclampsia though. That could be dangerous for you and your baby. I hope everything goes okay, hang in there.


citrouille - August 30

I agree with Miranda, from what I know the main risk linked with amnios is that it can start up labour but since they may induce you anyway, you are ready for that. At 37 weeks your baby is no longer premature so everything should be fine. As Miranda says preeclampsia is not something to mess around with and is very risky for you and your baby. Take care and let us know how your amnio goes!


SAR - August 30

don't be scared. as the other ladies have said, the main risk with an amnio is miscarriage (sometimes the fetus just cannot handle invasion of the uterus with a needle). there are other risks that lead to miscarriage too, such as leaking of amniotic fluid or introducing infection to the uterus. i had an amnio done at 18 weeks to check for chromosomal abnormalities because of my age (thankfully all was ok). at the time, i was in a mad panic as i thought i was too late to have an amnio (i was told the ideal time to check for down syndrome etc is 16 weeks). but my OB told me that it was not too late and that it was not unusual to have amnios done around 36 week mark to check lung development if there was a possibility of inducing early. at 37 weeks you are on the home run. there are worse risks for you and your bub with the blood pressure problems than with having an amnio done at this very late stage in your pregnancy. good luck to you.... i'm sure it will all go well. let us know how you go tomorrow :o) take care.


Jenn - August 30

I wouldn't let them perform an amnio on me at 37 weeks. There is to much risk that you can damage a perfectly healthy baby. There is a slight chance of risk for infection and injury to the baby so I would definately discuss it with your doctor before saying ok. After 37 weeks, most babies lungs are fully developed, they may have to be in the NICU for a while but they should be perfectly fine.


Scared - August 30

Thank you all for your answers..I'm going today at 3:45 so hopefully everything will go well, I really would prefer not to get this done, but if it is the only way to find out if the lungs are developed so she can induce, then I guess I have no choice...I would rather get her out here in my arms as soon as possible rather than to keep her inside me with high blood pressure...This will be my first baby and everything has been going so well with this pregnancy until I found out about my blood pressure, and I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks before this pregnancy so the amnio really really scares me, I don't know what I would do if something goes wrong. I hope that they are not as dangerous this late in pregnancy like you guys say. Thanks again for your answers and I will get on here when I get back to let you all know how it went. Thanks again and please pray for me and my baby. :-)


Maggie - August 30

I was 36 1/2 weeks when I was induced, and my son was healthy. I will pray for you that everything goes ok, as I'm sure it will. Please let us know how things go. Good Luck.


Scared - August 30

Thank you maggie, That makes me feel better and I'm so glad that your son is healthy...did you get an amnio done to see if his lungs were developed first or did they just induce you?


Maggie - August 30

They just induced me b/c my pressure was high, and I had low fluid. The doctor told me that if the baby's lungs were not developed, he would send the baby to the NICU to be put on a drug called surfactant to help the baby's lungs filter the air that it breathes, but normally they don't need to do that when they are that far along. As soon as my son was born they gave him some oxygen, but realized after about 10 mins. that he didn't need it. I'm sure you and your baby will be fine. I know its difficult, believe me I was terrified. It sounds to me like you are in god hands, and the doctors are taking every precaution to make sure that you and baby will be healthy. Keep the faith, and trust that the people taking care of you know what they are doing. Again Good Luck.



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