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patience4lies - March 10

I'm due on March 15 with my first ,and my baby hasn't dropped, I'm not dialated at all and my cervix hasn't softened- am I ever going to have this baby?


paula - March 10

Yes you will, be patient, your body knows what to do. So trust it. You should also try taking a walk everyday. That can help.


brooke - March 10

I am due on the 12th with my first and I too feel like she is never going to come out! I have been dialated to a 2 for 3 weeks now with no progress or even braxton hicks. It is so hard to be patient. Atleast we aren't alone. Good luck and hang in there.


ashley k - March 11

with my first i didn't dialate at all. and my cervix stayed hard. she was 10 days late. so just be patient it will come when it wants.


Jodi - March 11

I'm due on the 16th and I was told today that I was no closer today then I was last week! I was going to have my membranes stripped but my midwife said that I was still too thick. I cried so hard on the way home. I've never been more ready to have this baby! You are not alone feeling this way. I'm hoping something happens soon though. I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever!


BF - April 25

I am due tomorrow and I am having the same problem. I left the Dr's office in tears. My dr. told me that some people dialate early and stay that way past their due dateand some will go from 0-10 very quickly. I know how hard it is to stay positive because I am having a hard time with it also, but what else are you going to do?


gee - April 25

i'm going through the same thing... im SOOoO glad i'm not alone... im due on the 29th of april. i'm so tired, i can't sleep... i've been dialated 2cm for the pa__s 3 weeks now. im begining to think shes never comming out! i've been walking so much my back aches. lost my mucus plug 3 weeks ago. but no signs of contractions. =(


Jill - April 25

Hey me too, due tomarrow my doctor says my cervix is so far back he can't even reach it and this is my second! He to;d me come back next week. I'm thinking next week I'll be 41 weeks. He wants the baby to be monitered a couple times next week I think its kinda weird that I have to wait until my baby is unhealthy before he will induce me


Amanda N - April 26

I am due May 1st. Been dilated to 2cm and 85-90% effaced for about a month now. Doc informed me at my appt last week he would only let me go until May 7th then he would induce. I don't know if I can wait that much longer! :) And to top it off, if she doesn't come before then we will have to work the induction around my husbands schedule at work at that point. Anything new with yours?


Amanda - April 27

I am 39 weeks today. I've tried everything from raspberry tea to s_x. I'm only 1 1/2 cent. dilated and been that way for 2 weeks. You just got to be patient. Don't worry until its almost that time.


Jill - April 27

The chick who wrote this post probably alredy had her baby, while we're all still pregnant!



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