Almost Fainting

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hc - January 12

h__lo, i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. i am 33 weeks along. i was feeling funny this morning, the baby is getting big and the stomach is pretty small at this point. I was told yesterday that I am anemic, so i had to start iron pills that my doctor prescribed me. anyway, i ate some food in order to take my pill, took it and continued sitting by the computer. all of a sudden i did not feel so good so i leaned forward - not even standing up, and that is when it happened. it turned all black infront of my eyes, i felt like i was going to pass out, never felt this before, i thought i was going to through up, and then i started sweating like a pig. i called my doctor who said to drink a lot of water, and that the pill had nothing to do with it, and to call back if i felt something again. has anyone had this happen to you and what did your doctor tell you to do, and what was wrong. thank you!


Girl Gilly - January 12

Has your Dr. said if you have low blood pressure? I have low blood pressure which causes me to feel faint. I am not anemic but am close so my Dr. put me on iron pills. The pharmacist told me when I take the iron pill to take it at breakfast and drink a lot of water with it. Oh - I also feel faint when I get overheated. Hopefully your Dr. can provide more insight.


Melissa - January 12

I also have low blood pressure and it makes me dizzy sometimes or feel like I'm going to faint. My doctor said to watch out and not take too hot showers cause it cause the blood pressure to go down. TAKE CARE


Annette - January 12

I have felt just like that a couple times in the last couple weeks (I am 35 weeks now) . My case is apparently related to both low oxygen supply (aka. baby squeezing lungs and diaphragm) and low blood pressure, I am not anemic nor have taken any iron pills or anything similar. My doctor didn´t recommend anything, he just said "it is normal"; my mom however makes me sniff some rubbing alcohol and get some fresh air right away, which at least keeps me awake.


hc - January 13

thank you ladies for your responses. I was wondering though, what is considered low blood pressure? I am usually around 100 over 65 or 68 - i thought that was normal blood pressure. It could be the lack of oxygen though too, my lungs are getting pretty squished!


izzy1052 - January 13

i get the same feelings that you do... i am 29 weeks and my stomach is also very small but its all baby heh... i told my doc about me feeling like i was gonna pa__s out and she totally ignored it.. it happens quite often so im goin to the doc next week to get a second opinion because especially now, i dont wanna be falling down when im getting further along, and i have dehydration issues that she didnt even acknowledge which would be why i ended up in the hospital 4 days after i saw her... so your not alone... but those are my issues... maybe you have similar probs as me..


Annette - January 13

hc, 100 over 65 IS low. Some people (like us, I suppose) handle these levels normally but go figure what happens if it gets lower. Check with your doctor, as I said, mine only says "everything is normal because I am pregnant".



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