Almost There January People

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chrisy - January 1

Yeah, 3 more weeks until we get to finally hold our little one!!!! WE are due January 21 with a girl. I am sooooo excited!!!! has any one had any signs that there labor will start soon?


Lia - January 1

We arre due 1/18th. I'm so ready! At my last internal exam they sated that my cervix was still long. I'm hoping for some change at our appointment this week! 17 days to go. I'm counting down. I just hope I'm not late!!


Amy - January 1

No i'm not due till Feb 18th but i will be having a c-section Jan 25th so i'm sure no natural stuff will happen to me :) we are having a boy and this is #4 for us Logan Jace :)


terri - January 1

we are due on january 1st. we dont know the s_x of the baby but might find out tuesday at an ultrasound if i dont go into labor by than. i am due today. the OB told me last wednesday that she expects me to go into labor anytime now. lost my mucus plug thursday morning and still losing some here and there, but alot thursday mixed with light blood.


Chrisy - January 1

At my last internal I didn't have any change either, I was a little dissapointed being that any change is exciting!! what a cute name Logan!! We are naming our little girl Abigail, Abbie for short. We also have an ultrasound this week!!. Good luck Terri!!!! Hmm, you could have a New Years baby. Start eating spicy food!! ( I know that doesn't really work)


Charity - January 1

My Update: We are having a Girl (Rachael Lynn) due Jan 23 and on the 19th of Dec when he checked my cervix I was closed and not thinning any. But I have to go do a NST every week b/c they told me that there are only 2 blood vessels going through the embilical cord instead of 3. He said it could cause kidney or bladder problems later so I have to sit there for 45 min every visit. So far so good and my Strep B came back negative. I told him I still have that yeast infection and he said can't do anything right now but wearing a pad might irritate it. We go back this friday (Jan 6) and he said we'll see if you have dialated any and do the NST again. God I"m sooo ready to have her.Good Luck everyone!!!! But just think we can go at any time!!!!


Chrisy - January 1

My first trimester I got nose bleeds. Now I am getting them again but it keeps getting a little stronger each week. I am taking it as a sign that something will happen. I entered pregnancy with nose bleeds and I guess will exit out of it with one too!! Charity I like the name you choose for your daughter!! This is so exciting. I have a baby shower saturday and then baby will come after that!!!


clraynor - January 2

I'm due 1/10 and last week I was still between 1-2 cm. They said my cervix was soft and the exam didn't hurt like it had been. I cleaned house like a mad woman today. LOL. My next check up is Thursday if sweetpea doesn't make her arrival before then.


Heather - January 2

Chrisy - the girls here are also throwing my baby shower on Sat! I'm excited about everyone being together! Charity - I have an NST on Tues and on Thur. Dr appt is on thur before NST. How long do yours usually last. Mine run any where from 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on how me and the baby are doing. They keep me longer when I'm having contractions. I hit 36 weeks this weekend and I'm free to go into labor dr says. They just wanted me to make it this far! If I don't go naturally we will be induces 23 Jan!


Ginny - January 2

How exciting! I am due 1/20 and I am SOOO ready. I am past all the labor anxiety, and I want to go thru with this. I am having a baby shoer this weekend, too, and I'm really excited! It's something to do to bide the time. I haven't had any real signs of labor, just strong BH's, and baby dropping.


terri - January 2

Still pregnant. Yesterday was my due date. I know that the date just gives you an idea of when the baby is coming but I wish that it was a for sure thing. lol. I am so tired of being pregnant, I can't wait to wear my regular clothes again. I have my ultrasound tomorrow so at least at it my Ob will give me a time to be induced and I am guessing it will be before the end of the week because he has already told me that he would induce me at 41 weeks(which 41 weeks will hit this Sunday coming). I am so scared of the pain though, it wasnt really boring me until ppl keep asking are you nervous and do you remember all the pain. I am like yeah I remember to a certain degree but I am sure when I am in there in it again it will all come back. lol. I just wanna smack them when I am asked those questions. Good luck everyone and I will keep you all posted about the induction.


Kaeli - January 2

Well, today is my due date... I know my chances of something happening today are slim, but, oh my god... I am so ready to have this baby! I dont feel like my body can take much more of this before it just gives out! Well, going to go do some jumping jacks and eat some spicy foods now! hahaha... Good luck to you all!


Sonia - January 2

My due date is 1/26 and I'm sooo happy!! I'll keep working for two more weeks, my mom comes to stay with me on 1/10 and a few days after that I will have my shower. All I've felt is increasing BH and being heavier than I've felt before! I'm having all these emotions, good and bad, but I can't wait to hold my little princess!! No name yet, and that's the only thing I'm freaked out abouut.


lala - January 2

We are due Jan. 22nd with a girl. I am 37 wks. I am so excited, I can't wait. I am also having a shower this weekend and looking forward to it. The last time I went to the doctor I hadn't dilated at all. I'm having a lot of BH and they are getting stronger, nothing else is happening. I'm praying that I've dilated when I go to the doctor Wednesday. The exciting part is not knowing exactly when the baby is coming, but you know it will be this month. I hope she decides to come right after the shower. Good Luck to everyone.


chrisy - January 2

Wow, alot more people have showers closer to their due date than I thought, Im not the only crazy one!! Have your family members been giving crazy advice will driv e you crazy if they keep doing it?? My baby has not dropped but I guess I do have 3 more weeks. I can't wait to breathe!!


Brooke - January 5

Hi Amy!! I'm not due untill February 5th. But i am also having a c-section on January 25th, with a boy Peirce Louis #2. Good luck w/ everything!!


Ginny - January 5

This shower is actually my second, thrown by friends and family who live 2 hours away. I thought it would be easier for me to drive over there than to have all 20 or so of them drive here, but that was 3 months ago! I'll have to stop and pee every 2 minutes, and make sure that my tail bone isn't sore from the ride. And my husband and mother are insisting that I don't make the trip alone, but he doesn't really want to come with me, and all of my friends from this town are busy that day. So I guess he's just going to have to suck it up. I really don't think I'm going into labor this weekend, but if he insists that I not be alone, I guess he'll just have to come sit through a baby shower.



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